Throwback Thursday: The Way You Love Me by Miranda Liasson

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A romance with a hint of taboo, I found myself loving this book from cover to cover! A contemporary romance with a sweetness at heart but definitely full of steaminess as well, it's a book that will capture the attention of a varied audience. If you like contemporary romance, there is definitely something in this book for you. Having never read a book by Miranda Liasson, I wasn't sure what to expect. Sometimes contemporary romance frustrates me, because I am a more traditional gal when it comes to romance. Usually I gravitate to historical romance, because it captures my heart in a way contemporary just...doesn't. But The Way You Love Me spoke to my soul! It made me believe in modern-day love again, and I can believe that love is possible again.

Gabby Langdon has a wonderful job. Truly, she's very grateful, her family is happy, and she makes good money. But her heart and soul is drawn to writing, and for once, she wants to do something for herself and not to make her family happy. She signed up for a writing course with bestselling novelist Caden Marshall, who not too long ago was embroiled in scandal when he divorced his wife following horrible accusations. Caden wants this new job to be his new start, and he can't afford to have any more rumors about him floating around. With a young daughter at home and an estranged ex-wife, he needs stability and peace. All that seems to be threatened though by his new student, Gabby. He's attracted to her and she to him, but they are professor and student. Regardless of their ages, it's not allowed, and so they need to keep their distance. No matter how much they feel about each other.

Gabby and Caden were so perfect for each other, it was like reading about soulmates. Gabby was so unhappy. Her family meant well, but she wanted to fulfill her dreams, not those handed to her as her goal in life. She wanted to be a writer, and Caden was going to help her accomplish that. She never expected to be attracted to him, and in fact, their initial meeting didn't go well. As professor and student, they clashed a lot. But as work mixed with pleasure, and they spent more time together outside of the classroom, it became harder and harder to deny their attractions. There was so much low-key angst, and even with the daughter, Ava, threaded in throughout the book, the heat coming off the pages was high. Gabby was good with Ava, and she understood her and Caden's life better than expected. She was there for them, and likewise they were there for her. It was a beautiful family before it ever became formal, and I knew as soon as as she met Ava that this was going to be an inspiring romance.

I'm definitely going to be scoping out more Miranda Liasson books from now on. She is a writer who inspires so much emotion, and I want to feel more of it through reading her other books!

**I received a free copy from the publisher and this is my honest review.**