Book Review: Wingman by Cara Bristol

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I am loving this series so much that each time I end a book, I am immediately wanting the next one! I can't get enough of the Alien Castaways, and so far, each book is even better than the last. Wingman is one of several castaways to be featured in this series, and I would say he is probably the most "human" of the aliens, with his main alien feature being feathery wings that double as weapons. And with that, I will dive into a brief synopsis of the story...

Wingman is still recovering from the horrific loss of his family and future mate when his home was destroyed and he was forced to flee with other survivors. When he happens upon a little girl and realizes she is about to be kidnapped, he rushes in to save her. Soon she is inviting him to her birthday party, and when he arrives, her mother, Delia Mason, is startled to discover that her daughter's "angel" is, in fact, real and standing in her home. Their first meeting doesn't go well, but when they meet up again at the town's Lavender Festival, sparks begin to fly between the two. Soon they are spending more time together, and Wingman is becoming attached to both Delia and her daughter. Although they may not be from the same planet, Wingman is certain Delia is the one person he has been waiting his whole life to meet.

Delia and Wingman were a lovely and engaging couple from start to finish! Delia was in a rough spot, trying to keep herself and her daughter safe from a stalker former boss. She was wary of anyone new, and learning Wingman was an alien definitely threw her for a loop. However, she quickly overcame that when she saw how concerned he was for both her and her daughter, and he clearly was someone who would protect them. As he gained her trust, she also gained his as he battled his own demons. PTSD affects everyone, including aliens apparently, and it was interesting to see how he handled that situation as it began to impact his relationship with Delia.

I'm super excited to read Psy's story, which is the next in the series. The heroine is mute, and Psy can read minds, so this should be a really interesting book. I can't wait!

**I received a free copy from the author and this is my honest review.**