Book Review: Unchained by Samantha Wilde

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Jumping into a series several books in wasn't my brightest idea, but I have to say - I am so glad I picked up this book! I loved the action, the suspense, the obvious chemistry between the main characters. It was easy to be sucked in to the drama and become totally invested in the characters. Having never read this author before, I was unsure what to expect, although the reviews of the previous books all gave me a good indicator that she is a great writer. They were absolutely right. The suspense kept me on the edge of my seat without drawing things out too much - just enough of a taste of not knowing what will happen next to keep me reading well into the night. It has a taste of the paranormal, though more towards science fiction since it's all focused on medical experiments creating "super soldiers." While our hero isn't a soldier, the hope is that he could become one, if only he can be controlled. Which he can't be. Sounds intriguing? Keep on reading.

Brooks Ivanov doesn't remember how he got to be imprisoned in a mad scientist's facility, but he knows for certain he wants out, whether it's through escape or death. He knows his name but nothing more. Each day they inject him with a substance that makes him mindless with rage and strength beyond imagining, forcing him to kill anyone in his path, and he fears soon there will be no coming back from what he has done. All hope seems to be lost until a new nurse arrives in his room. Camryn Bayfield has been in hiding for only two weeks when she takes a new job as a nurse and finds herself in an underground facility treating patients chained to their beds. Told they are mentally insane, she still has doubts when she sees the condition they are in. When Brooks wakes up and begins to fuel her doubts as to what kind of facility she has joined, she begins to investigate - and is horrified by what she finds. Soon she and Brooks hatch a plan to escape, but as they are forced into close quarters to stay safe, things begin to heat up. With Camryn having her own problems to deal with, adding in Brooks is making things...problematic. When their two worlds collide, it will take a miracle for them both to make it out alive.

As I mentioned, I jumped in without having read the previous books. A bad habit of mine. However, I found I was still able to dive into the story and enjoy the drama and the characters. Brooks was not the soldier he was trying to be made into, and it pained him each time he took a life. I felt so bad for him as the reader watches him desperately try to escape the future laid out before him. He has become addicted to the drug they're injecting him with, and while he wants to get away from it, he knows the withdrawal could kill him. When he meets Camryn, he sees an angel, someone who can be his salvation. But gaining her trust was just half the battle. Now it's making sure he doesn't hurt her in the process. Poor Camryn has had a hard time of it recently, having escaped being killed by her own nephew and separated from her mother while they're hiding from him. She has enough to deal with without adding in Brooks' drama as well. Camryn is a nurse though, and she can't leave someone in pain without trying to help him. Not to mention she feels a connection to him, one that transcends the bond between nurse and patient. Their romance is steamy, but the heart behind it is what captured me from the beginning. Brooks was hard yet soft, showing Camryn a vulnerability I could really appreciate. They were each other's heroes. I love that.

Looking forward to going back now and reading the previous books! And of course continuing with the series wherever it takes us next.

**I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**