Book Review: The Perks of Loving a Wallflower by Erica Ridley

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After the first book in this series, I was absolutely dying to see this romance come to life, and I was not disappointed! The chemistry was already flying off the pages before, and I was eager to see these two finally get the happy ending they both clearly deserved. It was wonderful seeing the whole Wynchester clan again, and I am just as much filled with joy at seeing them now as I was the first time meeting them. Each member of the family is so full of laughter and joy, it makes you wish every family could be like theirs. Everyone deserves a family like the Wynchesters.

Tommy Wynchester has loved Philippa York from afar ever since she first saw her, yet she was never able to bring herself to act on her feelings. She knew nothing could come of it, due to society constraints put on same sex couples and Philippa's goal of marrying well for the sake of her family. Tommy has no place in Philippa's world. When her siblings dare her to don the disguise of Baron Vanderbean, their fictitious cousin who allowed the Wynchesters to retain their family home after their guardian died, she agrees to speak to Philippa for twenty minutes. That's all it takes to complete the dare and then move on with her life. Except once she begins talking to her, she can't stop. Soon she is seeing Philippa more often, and when Philippa learns that Baron Vanderbean is actually Thomasina Wynchester, she comes up with a plan. Tommy will continue to be the Baron to help Philippa attract a suitor. With bittersweet acceptance, she agrees to the plan. Philippa has never felt anything vaguely romantic for why does she feel something for Tommy, knowing she is a woman? The more time they spend together, the harder it is to deny their feelings. They know eventually the charade must end...but what if it became real?

Tommy was the epitome of the perfect "hero" figure in a story - gallant and protective of Philippa, strong and sure of herself, with a charisma that had every lady in the room swooning while she was playing the Baron. Her love for Philippa was so beautiful and heart-wrenching, as she fought against it knowing it couldn't go anywhere. Having more experience dealing with her feelings for other women, she was much more sure of herself than Philippa, who was just then discovering that she is finally feeling romantic towards someone who is not the gender society expected her to fall in love with. It was difficult at times to see her hurting while aching to be closer to Philippa, and once they finally did come together, it was swoonworthy. Philippa was someone who just figured she wasn't capable of being attracted to another person, and when she realized Tommy created a spark within her, she wanted to hold onto it. Her family was the opposite of the Wynchesters, so when she was able to spend more time with Tommy's family, she fell in love with them too. It was so sad to see the struggle they had to go through to be together and for Philippa to realize her feelings for Tommy. I thought this book did a wonderful job of showing same-sex relationships for women during that time period.

As always, I conclude a Wild Wynchesters novel eagerly anticipating the next! I think this will end up being one of my favorite literary families when the series is completed. I'll call it now.

**I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**