Book Review: The Highland Laird by Amy Jarecki

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Amy Jarecki did such an amazing job in writing this book! I really enjoyed the story, the characters, and all of the drama. A blind heroine made the story really unique, particularly during a time period when blindness was thought to be a sign that you are evil. Her saving grace was being the sister of a laird and sheltered by him. The way the story began drew me in, as the reader is dropped into the middle of a wedding celebration and the heroine is trying to find her way around blind. It really gives us a great perspective of what that must be like and how dependent someone might be on others looking out for them. It certainly made me appreciate my eyesight, as bad as it is.

Emma Grant has always trusted Ciar MacDougall, ever since he was introduced to her when she was a child, and he never looked down on her for her blindness. Now that they are both grown, Ciar is the chieftain of Dunollie, an ally to her brother, and completely out of her reach. While they may be friends, a blind woman could never marry such a powerful man. Ciar has admired Emma from afar, but he knows that to pursue a relationship would mean certain tragedy, as war is brewing that could lead to his death. He can't stay away for her sake and so he must put country ahead of love. When he is captured by the British and held for a crime he didn't commit, Emma rushes to his rescue. Soon they are on the run, and when forced into close proximity, the burning embers of their passion for each other ignite, when not even danger can stop their love from growing stronger each day.

Emma and Ciar were a lovely couple, one that was easy to get on board with from the very start. Emma was a sweetheart, hampered by her blindness but determined to live a full life in spite of her limitations. Ciar was the perfect person from here, made obvious as he refused to treat her any differently from other people. He danced with her, made sure she was taken care of at every opportunity, and he was determined to make sure that she would be happy, even if it wasn't with him. The history of the time period made their love very poignant for me, as I didn't realize how ostracized blind people were during that time. At one point a reference is made to a man who was killed because of his blindness, and it put Emma's situation in a dangerous light. Had she not been born into a powerful family, she would likely have found herself in a similar situation. That's what I love about Amy Jarecki's books - not only do you get a great romance from it, but you also learn a lot about the time period.

I haven't read every book in this series, so that should tell you how easily you can jump in and out of this series depending on what book you want to read. Out of eight books, I have only read two of them, and both I thoroughly enjoyed. I am eager to read what comes next, whether there are more in this series or we get a brand new one to enjoy.

**I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**