Book Review: The Cursed King by Abigail Owen

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Ever since we met Airk earlier in the series, I was anxious for him to get his happy ending. His backstory was heartbreaking, and I knew it would take someone very special to help him get through all the trauma. This book did an amazing job showing the effect of long-term trauma on an individual's mental state, as well as how it can affect their relationships and future. It was dark, it was frustrating and filled with lots of angst, and the journey to happiness was bumpy and difficult. However, the end result was a romantic story that nicely finished off this series and reminded us all that light can be found, even when we think all hope is lost.

The Kings' War has reached a breaking point, where clans have chosen sides, all but one of the phoenix sisters have mated to a dragon, and the false High King will stop at nothing to preserve his power over all dragons. Angelika Amon knows that she can make a different in the war, despite her lack of phoenix powers, and the best way to do that is to mate a dragon, specifically Airk Azdajah. Airk was imprisoned for hundreds of years by Pytheios, after his parents were killed, and everyone assumed he had died with them. Once he gained his freedom and joined the fight against Pytheios, he was determined never to be vulnerable like that again. However, his dragon is now feral, after being enslaved for so long, and he can never again fly as a true dragon shifter should. He's not good enough for anyone, let alone the woman who makes him burn with passion and his dragon yearn to break free. They both want what they can't have...until circumstances force them together, and what they have tried so long to deny can be denied no longer.

The sexual tension and angst between Angelika and Airk was so strong throughout the book, I found myself not wanting to put the book down. I needed to know how things would be when they could no longer bear to fight their feelings for each other. At times, it became frustrating that Airk was fighting his attraction so strongly, even though I know why he did. Poor Angelika was like a yo-yo for a large part of the book, as Airk would get close and then push her away, several times. This book was definitely high on the drama scale, but it was to be expected given Airk's past and Angelika's unique situation. She felt underestimated by her sisters and the dragons, so when she finally found a way to help, she was excited. Poor thing was tired of being on the sidelines, and I was glad that after a while, Airk was supportive. He saw the good she could do and would do whatever he needed to keep her safe. Their relationship was volatile, bittersweet at times, but once they both gave in to temptation, the steam was coming off the pages. A great way to end the series!

Abigail Owen has done a fantastic job with this series, and I'm eager to see what new series she begins next. My hope is that either the wolf shifters or the gargoyles get some page time now. Especially the gargoyles. Pretty please.

**I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**