Book Review: Temper by Chantal Fernando

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If Chantal Fernando isn't on your auto-buy list yet, she should be. I have yet to read a book by her that is not thoroughly enjoyable, and in fact, not a single book of hers has been given 4 stars in my book. Every single one has been a solid 5 stars. What I love most about her depiction of the MC world is that she makes it realistic and doesn't overdo it. Other books in this genre always seem to lend towards the sex and not enough towards the relationship. While the world is very sexualized and obviously has women followers all over the "bad boys" within the group, there is a need for some heart to be added to the mix, and Chantal does just that. The heroes are Alpha, but they are also soft when they need to be. Their women make them that way, and it's a good thing. Temper has been asking out Abbie out every year for the last five years, each time he visits her family's bar on his way to the Nevada chapter of the Knights of Fury MC. And each year she politely turns him down. She has very little relationship experience, not to mention that Temper is quite a bit older than her, and he's part of a motorcycle gang. Doesn't seem like a good mix. But after realizing she doesn't have much of a life and really wants one, she says yes. Which leads to a seriously romantic, toe-curling date, followed by a body in the street and Abbie tied up in the back of a car. They say it's to keep her safe, but Abbie doesn't truly know Temper. He could be her saving grace...or he could be the devil in disguise. Obviously, with a cover like that, you know Temper is hot. But my God, after reading about him, I am starting to rethink the age limit on my dating apps. Abbie is 28 and Temper is 42. Not a small age gap, but it's not so overly large as to be too crazy. However, it's super intimidating to Abbie, given that she's only ever had one partner before, and very little dating since then. Temper seems to be way out of her league. Thankfully, while Temper is the President of the MC and therefore someone who attracts lots of women, he's only had his eyes on one woman in recent years - Abbie. They are absolutely adorable together. And I freaking LOVE Abbie. She didn't let Temper forget when she was mad at him, and she made sure he knew that she wouldn't forgive so easily. I hate when heroines let the heroes off too easy, and Abbie gave him just the right set-down without being annoying. Temper took it like a man, groveled a bit, and then eventually they became one of the sexiest dang couples I have read in a long while. But what can I expect from a Chantal Fernando book? Every man she writes about is my next book boyfriend. Every one. As always, can't wait to read what she writes next. Can she top this one? I don't know if it's possible. **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**