Book Review: Stone Cold Cyborg by Cara Bristol

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Cara Bristol never ceases to make me smile with her stories, whether they be novella length or full-blown novels. I am always in for a good time with every read! This was originally published as part of an anthology, so I knew going into it that this was going to be a bite-sized bundle of fun. While I definitely would have loved to see this drawn out a bit more, I really appreciated how much she was able to pack into such a tiny package. I loved the quirky characters, the adorable robotic dog, and then the unexpectedly gruesome mystery that was thrown at us halfway through. I'm hoping this world is built upon more soon - I have to say that I really loved the whole premise and would be eager to read more cyborg romance.

Dante Stone is a cyborg commander of a military space fighter, given a brain that prevents him from feeling most emotions. So when he meets refugee archivist Miranda Lowell for the first time, the intense interest he has in her is...unexpected. Miranda was rescued along with 212 other survivors after their colony was attached by a predatory alien species. A peaceful people with little to no weapons, they were virtually helpless until Dante's crew stepped in to help. Now on their way to safety, Miranda is starting to notice some of her people are disappearing. And the ones that aren't disappearing are beginning to act strange, like her roommate, who her robotic dog Sparky attacked when he usually is quite calm around her. Things are not what they seem on this spaceship, and it's up to Dante and Miranda to figure out what's going on, before more people disappear.

My favorite part of this whole thing was probably Sparky, to be quite honest with you. I loved the romance, don't get me wrong, but I really, really want a robotic dog now. Not only was Sparky cute and fluffy, but was also an attack dog that basically saved the day in this story. Dogs are man's best friend, even if they're made of metal. Dante was a pleasant surprise, as I was expecting him to be a lot more difficult to warm up to. However, he was so adorable in his eagerness to mend things with Miranda and make sure she felt for him the same way he felt for her. There was definite steam in this story, and as I mentioned before, I would have loved to see the whole book longer. Particularly because I have a feeling the sex here would have been H-O-T, if we had the time for it. Things were wrapped up quite neatly in the end, but I do still hope for more stories with cyborgs at some point.

**I received a free copy from the author and this is my honest review.**