Book Review: Stealing His Mate by Ivy Knox

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I have been waiting with eager anticipating for this book ever since reading the first book in the series! Alien romance is my new favorite thing, so when I saw that we'd eventually get an alien dragon shifter romance, I was over the moon with happiness. This story gives us all sorts of fun tropes, like forced proximity, enemies to lovers, and fated mates. If you love romance with angst, a sassy heroine, and a grumpy hero, this is the book for you!

All Kate wants is a good night's sleep. Ever since she saw the dragon in the woods, she has been plagued by dreams of a handsome blue alien with horns, and not all of them are pleasant. She just wants out of his head, and she wants him out of hers as well. With most of the villagers looking at her with suspicion, first as if she's crazy for thinking she saw a dragon and then later for wondering why survived the encounter, she has had it with living with aliens. Her friends are getting married, having alien babies, and all she wants is some peace and quiet. When she escapes from the stares by going to her favorite spot in the woods one late night, she is kidnapped by the very being haunting her dreams. Turns out he is just as tired as she is, except he thinks she's a witch who has cast a spell on him. Too bad she isn't a witch or she might be tempted to turn him into a toad. Instead, they set off to determine why they are connected in their dreams...and the answer isn't what either of them expects. Now they have to decide if they're willing to accept living with the curse that's upon them...or break it and be separated forever.

Kate was such a fiery woman, holding her own against those who would look down on her and overcoming a past that would send most of us into singlehood forever. She has no interest in men whatsoever after her marriage with an abusive husband, who made her feel terrible about herself and made sex feel degrading rather than the joyful experience it should be. The last thing she wants is a man, so why won't the one in her dreams just go away and leave her be? I loved the bickering between her and Niro, the sexy dragon shifter she loves to hate and who hates her back. Funnily enough, the line between love and hate is quite thin, and it's not long before they begin to see the benefits of giving in to the chemistry between them. Niro, while a grumpy hero who wants no mate, is actually very sweet on the inside, very protective of Kate. While at times the protectiveness reminds her of her ex-husband, he takes into consideration Kate's feelings and makes it more about her comfort rather than his own. I loved that about him. A heroine who has experienced trauma can be really difficult to write, but Ivy Knox did an amazing job making her realistic and relatable. I felt so connected to Kate, even though I have never experienced what she had, and I appreciated that the romance wasn't easily wrapped up in a neat bow. It took time and effort, but in the end, it was all worth it.

I love Ivy Knox's writing so much and highly recommend this entire series! Each pairing is so unique and loveable, and I am excited to see what she writes next.

**I received a free copy from the author and this is my honest review.**