Book Review: Skin by Aveda Vice

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I wasn't sure what to expect when I dove into this book, but I knew it would be amazing from all the reviews I saw going around ahead of its release! Skin is a short story, set in a paranormal world full of monsters and magical beings. This story dives into a couple who are partners in work, and so you have a forbidden romance setup already here, which I adore.

Although it's classified as monster romance, the characters were more human-like than one might expect, which was not a bad thing. I read a variety of monster romance, some more humanoid than others, and I never know how my brain is going to handle the weirdness. In this case, the MMC is a gargoyle and the FMC is a banshee who can't touch others without feeling everything they do. So Harbinger, the banshee, hasn't had sex in a loooong time. When things go wrong at a job and the gargoyle, Jasper Flint, must protect her, she accidentally touches him, and then there's no hiding that he is definitely interested in her. What follows is Harbinger finally letting loose with the one male she trusts, who she can be herself with, and since she's already touched him once, she might as well go all the way.

Since the story is short, we don't get to read much about their background together, but it was quite clear that Jasper and Harbinger felt strongly for each other, at least as friends and colleagues. I really, really loved how Jasper was so considerate of Harbinger as they prepared to be intimate. He set up a color system (red means stop, yellow means slow down, green means go) right away, so she could have control over what they did even while he was the dom in the bedroom. He constantly asked her colors as things progressed, and I was very turned on by that. He clearly cared deeply about her, making sure she enjoyed the experience as much as he did. It was really touching and I was wishing the story would keep going. I'm excited to see more of them in future stories, as the author hints at the end that they will get a full-length story. I can't wait! The world needs more gargoyle romance.

**I received a free copy from the author and this is my honest review.**