Book Review: Rebel's Karma by Rebecca Zanetti

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I really have to stop jumping in the middle of a series and expecting to full understand it! Rebecca Zanetti does an amazing job getting you caught up, but if you're reading this review and haven't read the previous books yet, don't be like me. Go read them first. I have read only one other book in this series, about Haven, and I loved it. I was excited to read this one, especially because I love fated mates and this seemed like a really great pairing. I was expecting the heroine to have amnesia based on the synopsis, but it's more that she's lived so long that she's forgotten who she used to be before she mated the first time. The world is complex and dark, yet the author creates a lot of comic relief and unique, exciting characters to keep us energized and happy. Every character stood out in a positive way for me, even the villains in how they weren't stereotypical. There was some form of "other" about them, where their evil came from a unique source of darkness and you don't realize it until after you've been reading for a while. We also get the hint of a secondary love triangle forming, for a future book. Loved that we got a teaser ahead of time. Since mating a Kurjan general two centuries ago, and losing him not long after, Karma has been trapped with the Kurjan people as an formerly-human immortal. Having tried to escape several times, she is now kept there for two very special reasons - twin girls who would be threatened if she didn't do all she was asked. Three years ago, she had the opportunity to leave with an intriguing man who was also her enemy. But believing the tales she had been told, she stayed behind, and now he has returned for her. Benny Reese has been looking for Karma for three years, ever since the mating mark appeared on his hand, identifying her as his mate...if they choose to complete the bond. However, Karma can't be touched as someone who has already mated, and only a uniquely created virus can do that. When Benny kidnaps Karma and takes her home with him, he does so to save her, but Karma knows better. He's not saving her. And he didn't kidnap her. Because her being taken was all part of the plan. Karma was a sweetheart, thinking of others before herself all the time. I felt so bad for the situation she found herself in, and I couldn't imagine how I would handle it if I were in her shoes. She had no choice to make the decisions she did, for the wellbeing of her adopted daughters, and though she felt strongly for Benny, another mating wasn't something she was looking for. Benny had reasons of his own not to wish to mate, and it became difficult over time to stomach that he wasn't "into love" and really had no desire to love Karma. With Fated Mates, I prefer that insta-love that comes with it. You're bonded, your souls reach for each other, and oftentimes the man realizes his love before the woman. In this case, it took Benny a long time. I really liked his character, but his delay at showing his love back to Karma affected the story a bit for me. He showed he cared for her, and their sex scenes were off the charts with the steam, so that did help. Also, there is one scene where he wants to prove to Karma that she can fight effectively wearing a dress was the sweetest thing I had read in a while. He loved her, he just didn't understand or know it. I keep saying I will go back and read the other eleven books in this series, and hopefully I mean it this time. HIghly recommend the series based on the two books I have read. **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**