Book Review: Queen of Corvids by J.C. McKenzie

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Having read this series since the first book, I can say that this is the best book yet! It has all the classic comedy, angst, and drama that I have come to expect from J.C. McKenzie, and then it piles on mystery and more interesting characters. Just when I thought I knew everyone, she introduces characters that make me want to see some more books following them. Maybe some novellas with backstories. I would absolutely be on board with that. Raven is still getting used to her Queen status and life is hitting her hard with complications. She has debts to pay, her sucky job at the diner to manage, and her relationship with a certain seductive fae to explore. She doesn't have time for anything else, but of course, life throws new obstacles at Raven with glee. While some things seem to be changing for the better, such as her finances, other things seem to be becoming more complex. Her relationship with Cole is more real than ever, and decisions have to be made for their future. Daddy Dearest (a.k.a. Huginn Muninn) is popping up with more frequency, and she's being blackmailed by a gang leader to find someone who she *ahem* already disposed of. Things are getting sticky, but that's life for the Queen of Corvids. I love how Raven continues to grow stronger and more confident in herself. Yes, she relies on Cole for things, but she also recognizes the importance in managing things on her own. She kicked serious booty in this book, and I particularly loved her frequent conflicts with Frey, who kept trying to kill her with a consistent lack of success. It was brilliant! Cole showed his softer side more and more in this book, and I enjoyed seeing him as more of a sensitive character. He opened up to Raven, and you could tell his love for her was strong. Their relationship really solidified in this book, as they worked through their problems and found themselves on equal footing. Many secondary characters colored the story, making it so enjoyable. I loved Rourke, as always, and I feel like Bane desperately needs a hug. Not that he would accept one. I feel like this series could end now. There was no serious cliffhanger that I felt irritated about when I finished the book. However, I hope it's not the end! If it is for Raven and Cole, then I absolutely want a book for other characters. I'm still rooting for Rourke to have a happy ending. Pretty please. **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**