Book Review: Psy by Cara Bristol

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Another successful installment for the Alien Castaways series! I keep going into it thinking this book might end up being the same as the one before, but nope - it's so good all on its own. Where the previous two books followed aliens who were very physically different from humans, this one was about a psychic alien, which was both really cool and a little disturbing. By the end of the book, I was a little worried this type of alien might actually exist, because that is way too much power for one being to hold, honestly. Cara Bristol continues to create complex characters with exciting, drama-filled storylines, and it doesn't get much crazier than this one...right, Cara?

In Argent, Idaho, residents are getting more used to the idea of extraterrestrials living in plain sight. While some are more shocking in appearance, one has it quite easy at first glance. Psy is a Verital, an alien with telepathic abilities, who can not only read minds but control them - which he doesn't, due to the Verital Code of Honor. Nevertheless, it worries people when they find out, so he keeps it to himself. That plan goes up in smoke, however, when he meets a mute young woman named Cassie Steward. Cassie has been mute her whole life, with no idea why and with no cure in sight. She is used to dealing with people who don't understand her disability, but when she finds out Psy can hear her by reading her mind, she is thrilled. Finally there is a chance for her to feel normal, even if it's with an alien. Soon they are spending more and more time together, and Psy has questions. Why can't she speak? What's hiding in her past that doesn't want to be found?

I'll be honest - I figured out pretty quickly what was going on, as I had my "spidey senses" tingling as soon as I met a few characters. Something wasn't quite right, and Psy recognized it as well fairly early on. It was so sad to think of how Cassie had been restricted in life, due to something beyond her control, and Psy was just the right person she needed to show her that she had other options. He clearly cared about her a lot within just one meeting, and she felt the same. It was a bit insta-love, but it made sense given both felt a bit like outcasts. There were some misunderstandings, and thankfully the other aliens were there to provide some perspective. It was also great to see the others begin trying to integrate into human society, although I felt really bad for Inferno and Shadow. They both deserve love, and I'm looking forward to seeing who they end up with.

**I received a free copy from the author and this is my honest review.**