Book Review: My Funny Demon Valentine by Aurora Ascher

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I am in love with demons. Yep, I am a Catholic girl who loves a good demon hero. I'm not ashamed to admit it. There's just something about falling in love with a being you're absolutely not supposed to love that just draws me in like a moth to a flame. The demons in this story are hot, relatable, and just want to be free to live their lives the way they want to. Not to mention the sex - WOW. Aurora Ascher has a true gift, and you all should experience it by reading this book. The writing was flawless, plot was perfectly laid out, and after reading the teaser of the next book, I am convinced that she is a new author for my auto-buy list.

Asmodeus was the Demon of Lust, known for his sex appeal and the many, many lovers he had. Until one fateful day when he was cursed, and now not only can he not see in color or feel much of anything physically, but he is practically invisible to all women. Except one. Eva is a musician, whose music captivates him the moment she steps on stage. When she sees him, she is immediately intrigued by this man who is staring at her, and she goes over to introduce herself. To his shock, she fully appreciates him for the man he least in the human guise she can see. What would she think she saw the real him? Their romantic encounter is cut short when a minion from Hell discovers Asmodeus and his friends at the club and tries to bring them back to Hell. Eva sees what she's not supposed to see but chalks it up as a hallucination. She and Asmodeus begin to see more of each other, and things heat up. The sex is fantastic, he clearly has a thing for her, and she starts to become attached. Which makes it all the more awkward that she is clearly crazy for seeing him with horns and wings...unless she's not so crazy after all.

I. Love. Asmodeus. And Eva, of course, but Asmodeus was just a wonderful specimen of a man...demon. His friends were equally gorgeous, and I had a hard time deciding who would be my next book boyfriend. I landed on Meph, the heavily tattooed demon who just seemed like a misunderstood gem, if you ask me. But back to the main couple - Eva and Ash. Their chemistry was off the charts! I found myself fully engaged in their romance from the very moment they laid eyes on each other, and when the story finished, I was aching for more. Yes, the steam was high, and I think we all will wish we had what they had when all is done. What got me right in the feels though was the raw emotion coming from both of them throughout the story. Ash was more than just a lust demon, he was someone who wanted to live his life in peace, and he found that with Eva. He wanted the life he could see with her, and his protective instincts towards her made my heart flutter with envy. He didn't let anyone stop him from being with her. Eva was a strong woman who could take care of herself, and I loved that she never lost that independent streak. She refused to allow herself to be intimidated, and she accepted Ash for who he was. She was exactly who he needed. And he was hers.

I am so eager for the next book, you have no idea! I was frantically swiping through my Kindle trying to get more pages. Alas, we get a teaser. We must wait.

**I received a free copy from the author and this is my honest review.**