Book Review: Krash by Cara Bristol

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The last full-length book in this series was published in 2019, and I had no idea another story was written in an anthology last year! Let me tell you - I was giddy at the thought of immersing myself in the Dakonian world again. I leapt at the change to read this novella, and I was not disappointed in the slightest. I tend to be a bit critical of novellas, mainly because it's very difficult to pack a detailed story into a small package, and I usually find myself wanting once it's over. However, Cara Bristol shows her brilliance once again at creating a romance that made me feel contented and happy once the happily-ever-after was reached. I put my head down to read this book, and I didn't lift back up until the wee hours of the morning. The lack of sleep was well worth it!

Krash has no desire to find a bride on Earth. His childhood sweetheart is the one for him, and he intends to offer for her. That is, until things don't work out quite as planned, and now he's off on a mission to the strange planet of humans, to bring back his fellow Dakonians to a planet that is losing people faster than it's gaining them. Upon arrival, he enters into the Intergalactic Dating Agency to gain access to information about the males who have found their fated mates in humans, and he finds himself matched with a human named Cyan Blue, who is not what she seems. Cyan works for Debunking Underground, an organization that is convinced that the IDA is a scam and aliens don't exist. She's firmly in the skeptics club until she meets Krash, and their connection is instantaneous. Krash has no need for a human bride, and Cyan isn't looking for another relationship that might crash and burn, but sometimes fate has other plans.

Poor Krash. I tell you, when I read his opening story and saw how he was treated, I felt really bad for him. If anyone deserved a love story, it was Krash, who had his heart smashed into tiny pieces. Of course, he did some smashing of his a different, more violent way...but it felt deserved, not gonna lie. Cyan was a fiery heroine that really spiced up the story, and I loved how her character refused to give in to the crowd. She was skeptical, and she had a right to be. It was cute how Krash reacted when he realized she thought he was, at best, a scammer, and at worst, looney tunes. Once they realized they were what each other needed, it gave me warm fuzzies all around. This couple was really adorable, and their happy ending was sweet as well.

I'm sad to now officially be leaving this series, but Cara Bristol has another series right now that is equally as exciting. I know I won't be left sad for long!

**I received a free copy from the author and this is my honest review.**