Book Review: In Bed with the Earl by Christi Caldwell

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After weeks of a book slump, I needed a Christi Caldwell book to set me to rights. Each of her books brings a unique reading experience that leaves me contented and happy. I am never disappointed. I had forgotten what this new series would be about, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that it would be centered around more Lost Lords of London. The backstories are always heart-wrenching, as Christi knows exactly how to tug on your emotions and make you cry while reading. These men might be born with a title, but they have gone through hell to fight their way back to a more secure way of living. Rough around the edges, they don't think they need love, but a woman is just waiting to prove them wrong.

Malcom North is the law in London's underground sewers. Growing up in them has its advantages, and he knows how to keep alive and enact justice when a tosher gets out of line. His life is fairly routine until he gets a visit from a detective who tells him that he's a lord, stolen from his home as a young child, and it's time to reclaim his birthright. Malcom wants none of it, but it's not a choice - he is given the title of Earl of Maxwell and all the riches that come with it. So he hides, not wanting anyone in society to know who he is or how to find him. That's where Verity Lovelace comes into play. A reporter struggling to make ends meet for her family, she has been given the task of ferreting out Malcom's whereabouts. And when she does, she publishes it for all of London to see. Information that puts him in the sights of matchmaking mamas. The solution? Verity will pretend to be his wife.

Verity was my favorite heroine to date! Spunky, unapologetically honest, and determined to keep her family together and safe. She had a soft side and a hard side, and you never knew which one you were going to see in each situation. She was easily underestimated, due to both being a woman and her small stature, but she proved them wrong when she surprised them every time. Her interactions with Malcom were hysterical, particularly when he was doing his best to frighten her, and she wouldn't flinch. She recognized when she was in the wrong, but she would also still push forward with her plans for the future. Malcom was, you could tell, a very generous person at heart, whose generosity was at war with the ruthlessness needed to survive in the sewers. He was reluctant to care about anyone, but he couldn't resist the charm of Verity. As time passed, you saw him thaw more and more towards her, and at the end of the day, they couldn't help but fall in love. It was by no means an insta-love, which made it all the sweeter.

I can't wait for the next book in the series! Always a pleasure reading a Christi Caldwell romance.

**I received a free book via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**