Book Review: Hard Line by Pamela Clare

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If there's one thing I know for sure about Pamela Clare, it's that she has no problem writing a steamy romance! This book dragged me in within the first few pages, and I never stopped turning until I hit the end of the book, around 1am to be precise. I am jumping into this series 5 books in, and what I always love about doing that is there are already a lot of books written. If I like the book, I can read all the other books before the next one in the series is released. I liked how I could read this book with no background on Cobra Elite and still completely understand the character dynamics. I am looking forward to reading more about them.

Thor Isaksen grew up in the Danish countryside and spent a lot of time in the Danish special forces patrolling the ice-covered lands of Greenland, so he is no stranger to the cold. When he is called to a mission in Antarctica, he jumps at the chance to explore a place that he'd wanted to go to for years. When he arrives, however, the landscape soon takes a back seat to the seriousness of what has occurred, and the woman he is obliged to protect. Dr. Samantha Park has just lost her research partner when she dies suddenly during the night, only shortly after a US military satellite fell to the earth only 350 miles from the Amundsen-Scott Station. Devastated by her loss, she is even more alarmed to see a mercenary group show up to retrieve the satellite. When her partner's death is revealed to be a murder, the mission commander, Thor, makes it a priority to be sure she doesn't die as well. As they spend more time together, they quickly become more than just guard and scientist, but in the South Pole, relationships don't last long.

With a hero like Thor, I knew without a doubt things were going to get steamy. And, of course, they did! Thor had a really interesting background, and it was a great contrast to Samantha's experiences growing up. As they learned more about each other, they grew closer and closer, and I was glad to see that the prejudices Samantha held towards Thor's profession diminished. He was protective without being overbearing, which I liked, and Samantha knew when she needed to rely on Thor. They were true partners, and it became more evident as the story progressed. While I did feel that some of the story was almost too focused on the sexy times, I also realize that it's the South Pole and what else are you going to do when a man named Thor is in your bed? I loved it from cover to cover, and it makes me wonder if I chose the right profession.

As always, I enjoyed Pamela Clare's writing and look forward to reading more in this series!

**I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**