Book Review: Gentleman Jim by Mimi Matthews

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Talk about a book that keeps you on the edge of your seat! Mimi Matthews always writes a wonderful story, and this book really hit the spot when I needed a distraction from everyday life. The prologue was wonderfully written, giving the reader just enough of a taste of mystery and "I need to know more" to keep the reader going. I flipped through the "pages" of my Kindle book, desperate to know if things were really as they seemed and if the heroine would every truly be reunited with her long lost love. You'll have to read to find out - no spoilers here, my friends.

Maggie Honeywell has been waiting for her childhood sweetheart, Nicholas Seaton for ten years, after she helped him escape punishment for a crime he did not commit. Having turned down multiple suitors, she is now faced with a decision that breaks her heart - accept the proposal of her guardian in order to keep her family home. When she finds out that her guardian has been engaged to duel with another man, she races to his opponent, hoping to stop the match. However, the visit quickly takes a turn when she mistakes the man for none other than her long lost love. John Beresford, Viscount St. Clare, is surprised to find the young woman at his home, and he grants her request not to kill her guardian. Soon afterwards, they run into each other more often, and as they get closer, Maggie becomes convinced that John is Nicholas, even though he swears he is not. But he is certainly hiding some secret, and Maggie is determined to find out what it is.

The mystery! The suspense! I loved it all, and while I was pleased with how the story ended, I also was disappointed that there was no more to read. Maggie reminded me a lot of myself, which I think endeared her character to me quite a bit. She was headstrong as a child and grew up to be a stubborn, confident young woman. Her interactions with John were so much fun, but also heartbreaking as the reader began to question right along with her exactly who John was. I couldn't decide if I wanted John to be Nicholas, or if I wanted him to be who he said he was. It takes Maggie a while to ferret out his secret, and in the meantime we learn more about John and the pressures put on him by his grandfather, who is relying on John to inherit from him upon his death. I liked his grandfather, and I knew he and Maggie would get along splendidly, given they each were set in their ways. It was a dramatic story with a touch of humor, and I loved every minute.

As always, I leave a Mimi Matthews book entirely content and yet also eagerly anticipating what comes next. I'm excited to see what she writes in her next book!

**I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**