Book Review: Forever Starts Now by Stefanie London

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I read this over a long holiday weekend and couldn't put it down! It was the perfect book to relax under the sun and zen out immersed in the land of happily-ever-afters. While this book wasn't all sunshine and butterflies, given some darker elements to the backstories of both main characters, I loved the small town atmosphere and the genuine affection they showed for each other. It's definitely a book I will be recommending to anyone who wants a good beach read or a read that will leave you with a smile on your face.

Everyone thinks Thor has arrived in Forever Falls. Ethan Hammersmith has tried to tell them he is not Chris Hemsworth, but a giant blonde man walking around with an Australian accent doesn't do much to dissuade them from their determination to get his autograph. He is there on a mission to discover the father he never knew, but with so many eyes on him, it's hard to do that discretely. He needs a cover. A cover like Monroe Roberts. Monroe can spot trouble a mile away, and she saw it in Ethan the moment he walked through the doors of the dine she manages. Having gone through a terrible divorce years earlier, she is in no hurry to get in a relationship again. But when she finds out her divorce wasn't as finalized as she thought, she sees an opportunity. Ethan needs a girlfriend to get the local women to leave him alone, and Monroe needs a boyfriend to show her ex that she has moved on. Together, they can fool them all...but will they be fooling themselves at the same time? Sparks fly and it's only a matter of time before they realize that their fake relationship may be turning into something very real.

These two were so fun to read about, with the strong wills and the banter back and forth. I adored Monroe for her strength to continue on, knowing how much damage her divorce did to her own confidence and her family. Having your husband cheat on you with your own's easy to see how it could tear a family apart. Luckily, Monroe had an amazing support system in her father and sisters, and I enjoyed seeing her interactions with them throughout the story. She had rough edges, and it would take a really patient, strong man to smooth them out. Ethan was the perfect man for the job, there long enough to help her see her own worth again but not so long to make her feel like change was coming too quickly. Because Monroe was afraid of change, of moving on with her life. Both her and Ethan were stuck in the past, and I admired how they both handled the situations they found themselves in. Monroe stood up for herself at every turn, Ethan learned what was really important in life, and healing happened gradually, so felt genuine and honest. The ending was a beautiful thing, worthy of a Hallmark movie. It made me wish I lived in a small town, working at a diner, so a hunky Australian dude could walk in and sweep me off my feet...

This is the first book I have read by this author, and I'm excited to see that she has other books with Australian heroes. Sign me up!

**I received a free copy from the publisher and this is my honest review.**