Book Review: Forbidden Realm by Diana Cosby

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Having not read any books by this author previously, I went into reading with an open mind and no idea of what to expect. Once I finished reading, what I found most interesting was that I was left with the impression that it was quick read, even though the book is over 350 pages long. I blew through it! It was gripping, engaging me in both the action of the time period and the lives of the characters living within it. While I am not overly familiar with the medieval era, and therefore have little knowledge of the history, I found myself thoroughly intrigued by the goings on. Definitely need to add more medieval romance to my to-read list! A former member of the Knights Templar, Sir Ronan O'Connor is dedicated to serving King Robert the Bruce and faithfully protecting those in his care. The last thing he needs is a distraction in the form of Lathir McConaghy, the daughter of an Irish nobleman and a fierce warrior in her own right. Their first meeting does not go well, and their acquaintance is rocky in the beginning. However, when the ship taking them to Ireland is attacked and Ronan and Lathir find themselves left for dead, their differences must be put aside in order to survive. They grow closer by necessity but soon find comfort in each other. But Ronan is a simple knight and Lathir a noblewoman, and neither are meant to be together. Ronan and Lathir were very well matched! Ronan was tough and loyal, with no time for games or love, but Lathir brought out the softer side. He looked to protect her not as his charge but as his equal. She demonstrated to him how she could protect herself and fight alongside him, and as time passed, they relied greatly on each other. It was a partnership, which was probably quite rare in those days. Lathir was feisty and confident, and she gave as much as she got, which endeared her to me quickly. She wanted to protect those she loved, but she wasn't going to be stupid in doing it. Every time I thought there might be a TSTL moment coming soon, she would be reminded of logic and would make the right decision. Very refreshing, that. Since this is the 5th book in the series, I have some reading to do! Can't wait to learn more about the medieval time period. **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**