Book Review: Don't Look Back by Christie Craig

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For me, good romantic suspense is hard to come by - most of the time the books are either too heavy on the suspense with little romance to speak of, or there's so much romance that the suspense takes a back seat to the point where there is no suspense at all. That's what makes Christie Craig such a particularly special author of romantic suspense, because she creates that perfect blend of romance and suspense for readers that yearn for both in their books. I can never guess what's going to happen, and the romance, while expected, is never exactly how I thought it would go. It's not neat and it's usually full of angst, and I'm in love with the hero before the heroine gets there.

Ever since her half sister went missing, and was later found dead, FBI agent Brie Ryan has been desperate to catch the person who killed her. When she doesn't get the support she needs from her boss, she takes matters into her own hands and goes undercover as a waitress at the Black Diamond strip club, the last place her sister worked before her disappearance. Things go awry after she gets close to catching the suspect, and she soon finds herself forced to work alongside Connor Pierce, a local cop known for his investigative skills with cold cases and his sometimes questionable ways of getting to the truth. As they work to discover the truth, things get heated between them, and now not only are their lives on the line but their hearts as well. Discovering the truth of the murder is only half the battle.

I found myself unable to put down this book, reading it on a cozy Sunday from morning to evening. It wasn't just the murder that had me attached, although it was really interested and had me guessing who the person responsible for the murders would be. You think the bad guy is obvious, and then something new happens and you begin to wonder how black and white evil truly is. What would one person do, how far would they go, if they were given the right motivation? Brie and Connor were steamy from the start, the sexual tension rolling off the pages, and the fact that their romance didn't go smoothly just added to the story. Not only did the reader have the tension from the investigation, but then we have to bite our nails wondering how Connor and Brie would ever make it. It won't go as you expect it to, and that's the beauty of a romantic suspense novel. Enjoy!

It's a long time coming reading this book a few months after it's published, but it's well worth the wait. Always a pleasure reading Christie Craig books.

**I received a free copy from the publisher and this is my honest review.**