Book Review: Cross Waves by Amanda Uhl

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Four years after the first book was released, I was excited to finally see where Amanda Uhl would take the Mind Hackers series! This book follows a new couple, so it's not necessary to read the first book, but it's good to start with it just so you understand where this second book is picking up. There was a lot of drama and mystery, which really intrigued me as I seem to be on a mystery romance kick these days. Every time I get my hands on a mystery, I am obsessed, and the same goes for crime television - Investigation Discovery, anyone? This was unique with its paranormal element and the idea that the government would use people's psychic abilities for both honorable and nefarious purposes. It will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat.

Ever since they were children, Rolf Jorgensen and Geneva Ericksen have been connected, even though their childhood ended in a terrible separation that had led to great animosity. Geneva is the last person Rolf wants to work with on a case, and vice versa, but she is the most powerful female trainer in the CMU (Cognitive Mind Unit) and his best chance at locating his missing sister. Geneva knows Rolf is a powerful hacker, and as a friend of his sister's, she wants to help him, if only things weren't so tense between them. Her power has become more and more powerful since the day her mother was murdered twenty years ago, and recently her superiors have been worried she's becoming a danger to all. Working with Rolf gives her purpose, but as things become more dangerous, she wonders who she should worry about - herself or Rolf. Because Rolf has been hiding a terrible secret, one that would mean dire consequences if it ever became known.

I liked the relationship between Rolf and Geneva, especially as we were given glimpses into their history together. Geneva was heartbroken over Rolf's rejection of her years earlier, and Rolf was struggling to keep his emotions hidden. He felt he wasn't good for her, and while reading the book, I wondered if he was right. As the mystery unfolded and things became more complex, I realized that the true enemy was someone they would never have thought to consider, and that ultimately united them once more. It was easy to see how they complemented each other and how much they truly needed one another when things went south. It was hard watching them work through things, but once they did, it was a great partnership and a great second chance romance.

Hopefully another book will come soon in this series, but even if it doesn't, the wait was worth it. I really enjoyed the read and hope you do too.

**I received a free copy from the author and this is my honest review.**