Book Review: Chameleon by Cara Bristol

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Cara Bristol has always been a creative author with her unique characters and engaging storylines, and this book certainly fits the bill! This is the first in a new series, focusing on aliens who have found themselves stranded on Earth after fleeing from a hostile alien society. I was intrigued with the first alien spotlighted, and his human counterpart was equally entertaining. Even if alien romance isn't your thing, this might just turn you onto it. Just be warned - while the cover may show this alien as human, there are definitely some non-human characteristics you are going to need to get used to.

Kevanne Girardi thought she had finally found a peaceful place to live out the rest of her life, free of men and the pain her deceased husband brought her, on her lavender farm in the middle of a rural community. Until an alien spaceship crash lands in the woods behind her home, and she finds herself being wooed by one of the stranded aliens. Chameleon, or Cam, wasn't supposed to be on the ship, but in his haste to save as many aliens as he could from the murderous Xeno Consortium, he finds himself disguised as a crew member to survive. While scouting the area around the landing site, he disguises himself as a human and meets a wonderful woman. Soon he is attempting to fix her house and spend more time with her, all the while trying to keep his alien identity a secret. However, it's not long until she finds out, and when she does, she must decide if she can love the man as the alien he truly is.

Cam was an absolute sweetheart, and I especially loved his developing relationship with Kevanne. Sure, he had a lot of...interesting alien characteristics that I had to wrap my head around. However, it was his heart that stole the show. Kevanne had no chance once she realized how different Cam was from her husband, not in the obvious way of looks but in his natural desire to protect her. It was hard when they would have misunderstandings, and my heart broke for them both a few times. However, what kept me going was knowing that Cara would never let a love like theirs die.

I am eager to read the next book in the series, as the other castaways certainly caught my attention! All are so unique, it should be interesting to see which women they are paired with.

**I received a free copy from the author and this is my honest review.**