Book Review: Big Wild Summer by Stephanie J. Scott

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This was such a fun, quick read that is sure to delight readers of all ages! It's been a while since I have been in high school, and I tend to shy away from books with high school age characters. However, the author is someone I have been following on social media, and I really wanted to give it a try. And I ended up loving it! The story takes place during the summer, so while there is a young adult vibe, you don't get the school setting, which worked for me. Instead, the story takes place at a theme park, where the main characters work. There is some teenage drama, unique and funny side characters, and some darker elements that gives things a serious tone in the latter half of the book. Something for every age can be found within the pages.

Elena De Wilde had a plan - get a job at Midwest Wild Adventure theme park, work alongside her long-time crush, KJ Keene, and finally get him to notice her as girlfriend material. Unfortunately, everything falls apart when her supposed friend sets her up for humiliation...and gets her reassigned to the old of the park, far away from KJ, and her problems are only just beginning. Now working at the go-kart track, she's surrounded by boys with crazy nicknames but who welcome her with open arms. Except for Jonah, a young man with no smile to be seen but a soft side that comes out when the kids come to ride. He is an enigma, and as Elena works with him and the others, she begins to see that her plans for the summer might be changing. What she wanted before isn't exactly what she wants, now that she sees what she could have, if she's only willing to take a chance on love and friendship.

This story was classic case of Grump and Sunshine, and I enjoyed it immensely! Elena was a boisterous young woman who wanted to be friends with everyone but had no idea when to put on a filter. That lack of filter got her in trouble with her friend, and it was interesting to see how it actually benefited her when she joined the go-kart crew. The boys welcomed her, taught her the ropes, and she became so attached to them. When a competition broke out amongst the different park groups, to see who could get the most visitors, she jumped at the opportunity to stick up for her new friends and show the other park workers that her team had value. I loved seeing her mature and grow, and she found her niche with the crew. Jonah was a quiet boy who just wanted to be left alone - too bad Elena had no intention of doing that. It was funny seeing Jonah try to resist her pull, but her positivity was so infectious. I loved it. And the heart melted. Just a puddle on the floor.

This is the third book in the series, so clearly I am behind. I'm excited to read the other books, and this is definitely an author I'll be reading again.

**I received a free copy from the author and this is my honest review.**