Book Review: Any Rogue Will Do by Bethany Bennett

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I always love reading the debut books for new authors, as it's like going on a blind date. You are excited, intrigued, and have absolutely no clue what you're going to get, because you don't have any references to tell you what to expect. The synopsis drew me in, and I immediately knew that the story had potential. Bethany Bennett truly delivered with this book, and the way I know it is this - I want there to be another book in the series. As soon as I finished reading this book, my mind immediately went to, "Okay, who's next? I hope it's Cal." When I get excited like that, I know I have found an author watch.

Ethan Ridley, Lord Amesbury, and Lady Charlotte Wentworth have a history, and even seven years later, the ruination of Charlotte is still burned into their brains. Ethan used to be a drunken reprobate who was more focused on enjoying himself than giving any thought to how his actions affected others. However, after a drunken evening led to his friend badly injured, Ethan gave up alcohol, and he desperately wishes he could prove that to Charlotte. After years away from society, managing her father's estate while he mourned the loss of her mother and brother, Charlotte has been given an ultimatum. Find someone suitable to marry or her father will make her marry a man of his choosing. Unwilling to give up the independent life she has had all these years, she sets out to do just that but runs into Ethan on the way to London. Sparks fly but old hurts keep them apart. When they find a mutual understanding, will it be enough to mend the rift and lead to love again?

Charlotte was an admirable woman for all that she put up with from Ethan, society, and her own family. I found myself wishing she had more support from friends, as she desperately needed it. Ethan had made a mistake, and without knowing the other side of the story, she assumed he never wanted to be with her at all. However, as she got to know a new side to him, she learned that he is worthy of redemption and her forgiveness. I loved the contrast in their personalities and felt they made a great couple. There was quite a bit of drama towards the end of the book that seemed odd - I questioned why Charlotte would be so concerned with how her father felt about Ethan, given how terrible her father had treated her. I know I certainly wouldn't care, but these are different times, I suppose! Ethan's friend, Cal, stole the show every time he entered into the story. I wanted to learn more about him, and I'm hoping that teaser of his character means he's getting his own story next...or at least soon!

I am eager to see what comes next with this author! I am definitely going to read it as soon as I can get my hands on it.

**I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**