Book Review: An Everyday Hero by Laura Trentham

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Every time I read a book by Laura Trentham, I am hooked really quickly and it takes me days to recover from the book hangover once I'm finished. Yes, she writes that well. The characters so real and relatable, the setting feels like a town you could see yourself living in, and the conflict is presented in a way that allows the reader to really learn from it. It's an enjoyable reading experience from start to finish, and even now, a week after finishing the book, I find myself thinking back to the story and wishing I was still there.

Greer Hadley does not want to be back home. She had plans to become a musician and leave the small town life behind. But everything went downhill fast and the music that once filled her soul left. She can't get up on stage again and ends up drowning her sorrows in alcohol and trashing a local bar. As punishment, she must serve time volunteering at a local foundation that is all about making music and healing people. One of those people is Emmett Lawson, a veteran with a Purple Heart, a missing limb, and no hope for his own future. At first it seems like the two are never going to see eye to eye, but as Greer tries again and again to get through to him, they become closer. Soon the healing isn't just one-sided, but it may be too late to bring such wounded hearts together.

Greer and Emmett were a really great match in this story! Greer had nothing to lose and everything to gain, since she had hit rock bottom. Knowing Emmett as a kid and idolizing him, she wanted to help, but he just didn't want to hear it. Persistent and determined to get through to him, Greer continued to reach out, and it was a beautiful thing. Each encounter the reader could see them grow closer, the ice surrounding Emmett's heart thawing, and the hidden wounds healing little by little. Both of them had felt so much hurt, both physical and emotional, and they didn't feel like they needed anyone. But they found that what they needed most was each other. Strength isn't always standing alone but finding that one person who can stand beside you and be your rock. They were each other's rock.

Highly recommend any book by this author! She continues to tug on my heart each time she writes, and I really look forward to what comes next in this series.

**I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**