Book Review: A Pocket in Time by Lexi Post

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This book is a rare treat, as it combines two subgenres of romance that aren't often paired - historical and science fiction - and it was done very well! It's not the first book in the series, so I was apprehensive beginning in the middle. However, Lexi Post did an amazing job keeping the reader "in the know" without over-explaining past events, and while characters from the first book appeared several times, they weren't so prominent that the first book had to be read to enjoy the second. Interestingly, the reader gets a good portion of time in the present and in the past, which gave a very science fiction feel to the book. I was thinking the focus would be mainly in the past, which majority of the book was, but even then, you felt like you were a visitor. It was a great perspective as a reader and one I enjoyed.

Katz Almira, an agent of Time Weaves Incorporated, is being sent on a mission to save...well...America. A disruptor has messed with time, and now Canada and the northern U.S. is called the New World and the rest of the U.S. is part of the Nappian Empire. It's not right, and someone has to go back in time to right the wrong that's been done. They identify a key player in history, Lord John Byron, whom she needs to meet and ensure he gets a note of national security from his band of pickpockets, a group of young boys he financially supports. Going back in time has always been a fun challenge for Katz, but she didn't anticipate finding the past...or a certain someone in the alluring. Never has it been so hard to keep her mind on the mission at hand, instead of thinking of what she'll leave behind when she inevitably must return to present day.

Katz was a fun heroine, particularly when paired with a gentleman from the past who has no idea what to do with her. Her interactions with the boys were so cute, and I wished we could have had more of that throughout the story. Heck, if Lord Byron were completely out of the picture, and it was just Katz and the pickpocketing children, I would have been happy. Each boy was so colorful and unique, and Katz's ability to protect them was admirable. Being from the present, she had a distinct advantage when it came to understanding how to maneuver to get what she wanted, but she certainly had a difficult time with John. He was such a gentleman, and really my only point of contention with him was his inability to see her as more than a potential mistress. The man treads the line between success and ruin every day, supporting the pickpockets as he does, but the minute he wants to marry below his station? Egads, no! That was difficult for me, and while Katz had a more modern mentality that didn't need marriage, I was on the other side of the Kindle screen yelling at John. Oh well, maybe this is why I stick with one genre or another. When they mix, my brain can get befuddled.

I will definitely be checking out more books in this series, starting with the first one! Lexi Post is an engaging writer sure to bring new readers in the romance fold.

**I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**