Blog Crasher: Dogstrology by Luna Malcolm

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As soon as I saw this book, I knew I had to have it for my bookshelf! As an avid dog lover and someone who dabbles in astrology, this was such a fun book to flip through and show off to family and friends. While not every prediction in this book is accurate, I have to also remind myself that astrology is not an exact science. As a disclaimer, I am a Capricorn, and as the author says in the book about Capricorns, "Why you're consulting this wildly unresearched book for your perfect dog, I don't know." Astrology is perhaps the last thing anyone would think I'd take an interest in, because of my crazy logical way of thinking, but hey - Capricorns like to have fun too. :)

Dogstrology is a visually pleasing way of looking at astrology with amusing pictures of dogs next to the facts about astrological signs. This is not, I repeat, is not a book on astrology for your dog. Although if you know when your dog was born, you could have some fun looking up what their personality would be like as a person. One of the categories is "The Signs as Typical Dog Behavior," and let me tell you - it was pretty accurate for my parents' dog! Throughout the book you will learn more about yourself, what type of person you would get along best with, and, as mentioned above, who your perfect canine companion would be. At the very end, the book closes out with a piece of wise advice for each sign, wrapping up comedy with a bit of seriousness. All in all, an entertaining read for anyone and something you would be happy to have out on your coffee table when you have guests over for drinks...when we're all out of lockdown from this crazy pandemic.

Below are some highlights from my favorite parts of the book, to give you a glimpse at what you have to look forward to...

Signs at their best...

Cancer - In touch with their feelings

Capricorn - Cool as a cucumber

...and their worst

Aries - World's biggest grump

Leo - Incurable Drama Queen

Shortcuts to the sign's affections...

Aries, Virgo, Capricorn - Let them win the argument

Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius - Take them on an adventure

Scorpio - There are none

Dream job for the signs...

Taurus - Luxury Bed Tester

Sagittarius - Musical philosopher (who is lowkey better than Leo and Aries)

Pisces - Fortune Cookie Fortune Writer

And Libra, you're the lucky one to whom I will reveal your ideal dog breed...


**I received a free copy from the publisher and this is my honest review.**