Favorite Books of 2019: A Look Back

Oh my goodness, this year is almost over! I have to say, 2019 was really rough for me personally and the world as a whole. So many things going on politically, socially...and in my life, a *lot* of change that I wish hadn't happened. As a result, my read count was lower this year: About 200 books as opposed to the 250+ last year. But the books I did read touched me so much. They reminded me why I read, why it's important for me to have books as an escape, and why it's important to keep up this hobby even if it can be difficult at times.

And now, please read below for favorite quotes from each of my favorite books, as well as a summary of why I loved each book.

Now or Never - Victoria Denault

Cat gasps. "Why does he get to be the hottest thing in this town? He's a dick! Why can't it be a nice, sweet boy who gets nearly naked on the beach and makes me want to give him my virtue and my lobster roll."

Internally I ask the universe the same question, but out loud I say, "Never give up your lobster roll, Cat. To anyone."

I learned so much from this book! A former bully trying to make amends with his former victim, and he ends up being the hero in the end. Just goes to show how much growth someone can have over time, and how relationships change as people change. Sometimes it just takes time to realize what life intended for us all along.

It's Getting Scot In Here - Suzanne Enoch

"I told ye we were led to believe we'd find naught but delicate, mild, fainting lasses this far to the south. Give a man a day to think, adae."

Her eyes narrowed. "I'm not mild, then?"

He opened his mouth and then closed it again. "I honestly havenae a bit of an idea how to answer that question without getting myself smacked in the head," he finally replied.

My first book boyfriend of the year - Niall - still remains my favorite hero of the year! He was such a lovely man and brought out the best in Amelia-Rose. These were two people who never thought to have each other, but once thrown together, they realized they could never be apart. It was a super romantic story, showing how powerful love truly is.

Fallen Princess - Chantal Fernando

Felix is more my peaceful place, where I don't have to fight him at every turn like I do with the men in my family. He treats me as an equal, and I love that about him, even when he is technically my superior. There's no posturing, no caveman shit, there's just him. And yes, he can be protective, but he's not overbearing. He's a breath of fresh air, but at the same time he can handle his own and then some, and he isn't a pushover. It's like he knows when to be dominant and when to let me take the lead. He's the perfect balance. He's...mine.

Romeo and Juliet - MC-style. Who would have thought the daughter of a former MC president could be paired with a police officer, and it would totally, completely work. Clover was desperate to carve a future for herself that her family was totally against, and in spite of all the obstacles, she made it work. Her relationship with Felix was so strong, and even with both being dominant characters, they blended well together.

Dragon Fire - Juliette Cross

"I want you, too, Liana." A feather-light kiss, lingering and warm beneath my ear. "I need the sun needs the sky." A hotter kiss down the slope of my neck, while he kept my hands and my body locked in place against the railing. "Like the stars need the night." He removed his mouth from my skin, sliding his hands up my arms, and then backed his body away from mine, holding me at the waist. "Like a dragon needs flight."

So, so romantic, this book touched me in all the right ways! I loved how the two main characters started out as friends, and then circumstances brought them closer than either expected. What began in dreams bloomed in reality, and the affection and love between Liana and Kieren was truly inspiring. Made me wish this world was real and I could find my own Morgon man.

The Un-Queen - Fiona West

Parker: Let's practice.

Abbie: What, now?

Parker: Why not? Nothing's going to happen, we're four hours apart.

Abbie: I thought kings didn't sext?

Parker: Leave the eggplant emojis out of it and I'll be fine.

Abbie: If you say so...::ahem::

Abbie: That's a nice shirt, but you know what would look better on you?

Parker: What?

Abbie: Me.

Parker: LOL

Rarely do I find that the second book in a series is better than the first, but in this case, The Un-Queen blew the first book out of the water. I loved it so much! The development of the main characters' relationship was wonderful and refreshing. They were maturing before my eyes, and I loved seeing how they worked through conflict to become a stronger couple.

The Widow of Rose House - Diana Biller

Thinking quickly, she gestured towards the rolled-up plans she'd dropped on the table. "I needed to see the whole room, to make sure my designs will work here."

Sam made an excited murmuring sound and strode towards them, for all the world like a small boy headed towards a Christmas tree. She snatched them away.

No," she said.




"Absolutely not."

This book truly felt like a work of art, from the beauty of the descriptions to the creative characters. I was captivated. The hero was so quirky and cute, and I was surprised at first when I learned he was going to be the love interest in the story. The heroine was wonderfully inspiring - someone who was strong in spite of society's dismissal of her potential and in spite of the lack of family support. The two together were a lovely couple.

My Darling Duke - Stacy Reid

Silence had always been dark, a reflection of past nightmares, a reminder of loneliness, an echo of emptiness. Now this silence seemed intimate, tender, hushed, hesitant, and a question lingered within its confines.

It was such a surprise to have a favorite book added to my list at the end of the year! Alexander needed Kitty, and Kitty needed Alexander, both in different ways. I felt the emotion throughout the book, and I was rooting for them to break down barriers and find the true selves within. They were a wonderful couple, one I feel everyone should read about and learn something from.

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