Book Review: Nevermore by J.C. McKenzie

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I have been eagerly awaiting this book ever since the first book was released! The mythology involved sucked me in from the beginning, and ever since my mind has been waiting for more. Thankfully there is yet another book after this one, so I don't have to say goodbye just yet. Hooray! The characters are engaging, I really want a spin-off story about Raven's brother, Bear, and hopefully her other siblings get a story as well. Her family is so colorful and feel alive to me as a reader, which is the best feeling a reader can have. Ever since her confrontation with the Corvid Queen and returning to her home, alone, Raven Crawford has been miserable. She can't sleep, her dreams are all about the man she can't forget, and she has come into possession of a strange stone that calls to her part-fae raven shifter soul. When the Lord of Shadows shows up unannounced, still as hot as ever and just as frustrating to Raven's libido, things get crazy...crazier than normal, at least. Raven is no longer just Raven Crawford, she is someone with power. Soon she must decide who she can trust and where her heart truly lies. The angst between Raven and Cole is off the charts! Which just makes their romance all the steamier, let's be honest. I wasn't sure what to expect in this story, after things were left in such a muddle after the first book. Thankfully it was a cliffhanger that didn't last very long, as J.C. McKenzie is popping out books in this series at rapid speed. It was interesting to see Cole grovel, in his own way. It wasn't blatant but rather a subtle seduction. You can tell he truly cared about Raven in the way he put her safety above everything else, even at the risk of the Otherworld. He didn't want to rush her into things and put her at risk, and I loved that about him. He slowly got back into her good graces, and when he finally succeeded, oh, it was swoonworthy. It was such a long time coming, and I was so happy they both saw how good they were for each other. The third book in the trilogy is hopefully coming soon! I can't wait to read more about Raven and Cole. Also would like to throw out a request for a book for Rourke at some point, please. I like him too. **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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