Book Review: Lethal Redemption by April Hunt

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The question of the day for me is this: how have I not read an April Hunt book before? Have I been living under a rock? This book was right up my alley with a strong heroine, former military hero, and a crime to solve all wrapped into one fantastic story. I had the hardest time putting this book down to go to work...or sleep...or eat. Because April sucked me into this world of crime fighting and cult busting, and it made me reconsider my career path. Not that I would make a good FBI agent. Because I wouldn't, trust me.

Grace Steel never had any intention of becoming involved with the Order of the New Dawn again, after escaping the cult's clutches seventeen years ago. But it's hard to say no to the Vice President of the United States when he asks you to do something. Sarah Brandt, his daughter, is missing, and they think she has been brainwashed into joining the cult and its followers. Grace doesn't want to see the young woman get hurt, but what she must do to get inside the cult is too much, even for her. Cade Wright is her ex, her childhood sweetheart, who abandoned her after her college graduation to do another tour of duty. They had plans, but he threw them away and she never knew why. In order to gain access to the Order, they must pose as an engaged couple, and it's going to take everything for Cade to rekindle their relationship and keep Grace safe.

Grace and Cade had a really strong bond, so it was especially intriguing to see what happened to it when they came together after nine years apart. First there was the one-night stand months earlier, which Grace desperately tried to ignore. Then there was the constant glances, the burning between them that looked like hatred but felt like passion. It was all so much emotion, and the reader could definitely feel it throughout the book. Now the backstory - I don't think Cade groveled enough, to be perfectly honest. His reasoning was glossed over, with Grace suddenly feeling guilty once she realizes why he left, but there is no apology, no discussion really over why it happened. It's discussed but never resolved. One minute she's pissed at him, and then the next, everything is all good. Don't get me wrong - I loved the romance, their chemistry was off the charts, and their love was heartfelt. But I felt we could have used more resolution when it came to the conflict.

Now that I have discovered April Hunt, I'm going to need to add her books to my to-read pile. Got to make up for lost time!

**I received a free copy from the publisher and this is my honest review.**

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