Book Review: Her Hot Ride by Heather Van Fleet

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I was initially hesitant to read this book, due to the whole "I don't kiss on the mouth" thing in the book synopsis. Plus, he's literally just slept with another woman and talks about all the women he sleeps with in the first page. Usually this signals to me that the book will be all about sex, there may be some slut shaming and infidelity going on, and it becomes a DNF book. However, I absolutely loved the second book in this series and though I should give this a go. I'm glad I did! It was not at all what I expected and had so much depth to the characters. Yes, sex was a big part of the book, but more importantly, the book centered around looking past the exterior to learning more about the person within. It was really a very memorable book and surpassed my 4-star rating of the second book - Her Hot Ride is a solid 5-star read!

Archer Benedict can't stand Emily Lincoln, the sister of his "brother", Hawk. She's annoying, refuses to hang with the club members, and is generally considered a pain to be around. But her independent streak could put her in danger, and Hawk asks Archer to watch over her. Emily can't stand Archer either, ever since he called her the "hot version of a table" five years ago. After her father betrayed the club and took off with her mother at his side, Emily just wants to save her mother from the abusive relationship. But with Archer watching her every move, fat chance that's going to happen. A distraction that allows her to slip away results in them being handcuffed together, and with such close proximity, sparks are bound to fly. They may realize that there is a thin line between hate and love.

Archer and Emily were, quite simply, perfect for each other. They balanced each other out a bit - Archer reminding Emily to relax and enjoy life, and Emily reminding Archer that there is goodness in loving another person. Archer had such a sad past and it was amazing to see his carefree, tough guy exterior break down as Emily opened him up to the possibilities of a different life where he didn't have to be so alone. Sure, he had the club who acted as his family, but he figured the whole concept of love was dangerous and not for him. Emily showed him otherwise. By the time they fell for each other, their relationship had developed into something that bound them together. Almost like soulmates. And the way their lives became entwined even more, towards the end of the book? Even better.

Heather Van Fleet is fast becoming one of my favorite authors, and she is pulling me into the MC romance world. Can't wait to see what's next!

**I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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