Book Review: Don't Breathe a Word by Christie Craig

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Once again, Christie Craig has created a tension-filled, feeling-inducing book that kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. I read the book in a day and wished I had the restraint to draw it out a bit more. While the romance didn't really capture me as much as the drama and action did, I found the story overall thrilling and enjoyable. There's something in this book for everyone, if you take the time to enjoy each piece of it. Vicki Holloway is in hiding. With her niece in tow, she is fleeing from her late sister's abusive ex, and she can trust no one. When a case of mistaken identity leads to an altercation between herself and her new neighbor, police detective Juan Acosta, she begins to face difficult choices. Her life was put on hold for her niece, and that means no romance. Juan lost his family three years ago, and ever since, he has been ridden with guilt and loneliness. He feels that to show his feelings for Vicki would be betraying his late wife, but as time passes and he grows closer to Vicki, he sees a future. If only he can let go of the past. Vicki and Juan were an amazingly cute couple! I loved their chemistry from the very beginning, and the addition of Bell (the niece) and Sweetie (the dog) made them a ready-made family unit in my head. I was already planning out their future, and let me tell you, it was Hallmark-worthy. The backstory for both characters made this plot heavy with tension and heat. I will say, I was a fan of the way the romance was written until the very end, when an unnecessary (in my opinion) conflict was introduced literally less than 50 pages from the ending. It was really disappointing, and I was quite surprised that forgiveness came so quickly. There was not enough groveling, in my opinion, and it was devastating to my view of this book as a romance. Hence the 4 stars rather than 5. I would not let that deter you though - I am a notoriously picky reader when it comes to my romance, and I think the story holds it own even in the face of that one scene. Christi Craig is a storyteller, through and through, and I have yet to be disappointed in how she plays out the story with all its mystery and complex relationships. You certainly will not be bored! This is the second book in this series, and I am so eager for the third! Christie delivers an excellent story every time. **I received a free copy from the publisher and this is my honest review.**

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