Book Review: The Telegraph Proposal by Gina Welborn and Becca Whitham

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I rarely jump into a series when it's finishing up, but I'm so glad I did in this case! The story was so much fun to read, with colorful characters, an engaging plot, and amazing character development. The progression the main characters made in a short time frame was really well done. It felt realistic and was a learning experience for me, as I had my doubts that it could be done. While it would have probably helped to have read the first two books prior to this one, it was simple for me to catch up and understand what had happened before. My enjoyment of the story was not impeded in any way, and it makes me wish there were to look forward to with this series. Hale Adams and Yancey Palmer are most definitely *not* a match made in heaven. Yancey has been in love with Hale since she was ten, but her obsession with convincing him that they are perfect for each other has become overbearing through the years. Now wishing to marry someone, but not each other, both turn to a matchmaking service to find love at last. The matchmaker is having a hard time with Hale though, as he rejected the last nine candidates, and so, after hearing Yancey's tale of unrequited love, decides to match the two of them instead. Only they have no idea that they are each other's match! When they decide to meet in person, they are shocked, and soon they have to deal with their conflicting emotions. They loved each other on paper, but in person it remains to be seen. Hearing the backstory of Hale and Yancey, I was extremely skeptical of this relationship. Yancey was almost scarily obsessed with Hale, and I didn't blame him for not liking her for it. I didn't see how they could possibly fall in love. However, the letters they exchanged began to kindle the flame, and once they realized their matches were each other, that spark of interest had already been established. It was only a matter of time before they realized that they loved each other, they just had to get past old hurts in order to find themselves together. I loved when Hale began to court Yancey, and their love was so real and natural. Their reconciliation wasn't instantaneous, and it took a lot of effort from both of them. The character development really hit home with me, and I couldn't wait to see how everything turned out in the end. I'm so glad to have discovered new authors in Gina Welborn and Becca Whitham! Now I need to go back and read the first two books in this series... **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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