Book Review: Christmas Angels by Nancy Naigle

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A romance fit for the Hallmark Channel, Christmas Angels was full of love, laughter, and childhood memories to warm your heart. Definitely have a cup of hot cocoa on hand to get you in the mood for this read, because that's exactly what I wanted as I read through the story. Set in a small town with more than its share of kind people, it makes you wish a place like Antler Creek existed, just so you could go there to escape from the reality of human nature. There was a total of one character who had a flaw, but everyone else was basically the epitome of what you wish humanity was actually like. It has always been Liz Westmoreland's dream to run her grandparents' inn, Angels Rest, but they sold the inn and Liz's dream was left in the dust. Now a successful project manager, she should be content with where she is in life, but that dream comes to life again when she sees that Angels Rest is up for auction. Sight unseen, she buys it, and upon arriving at the inn, realizes that she may have made a huge mistake. Matt Hardy is shocked when he realizes that the person who outbid him for the inn is none other than his childhood crush, Liz. She doesn't remember him, but he certainly remembers her and eagerly jumps in to help her rebuild Angels Rest. Soon the entire town is in on the project, and Liz is faced with the choice of staying there or returning to the big city. Like I mentioned above, this book felt like an audition for the Hallmark Channel, and if it actually were, it would win a spot in the Christmas lineup easily! The relationship between Liz and Matt was really cute, especially as they didn't realize they knew each other in their initial meeting. Matt had a lovely personality, eager to help out and show Liz what it would mean to stay in Antler Creek permanently. Liz was so eager to make it work, and she was very strong in standing up for herself and what she wanted. She didn't allow others to sway her decision, which said a lot about her character. I have to admit, there were a few parts of the story that felt a bit corny to me, but only because everyone was so gosh darn nice. Every time a new chapter began, someone was jumping in to help Liz, and it was one generous, good deed after another. It did make it hard to feel this story was very realistic. However, this is a Christmas book, and personally, I don't really need realistic. I want warm-hearted humor and love to last a lifetime, and that's what this book gave me. One small note to mention, this book seemed to have quite a bit of religious content in it, where it could border on being an Inspirational romance. I personally love Inspirational romance, and the religious pieces aren't overdone or out of place in the story. But for those of you who like knowing, this note is for you. Yet another lovely romance by Nancy Naigle! Nancy, I hope Hallmark contacts you soon, so I can see this story on my television. **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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