Book Review: War of Hearts by S. Young

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A thrilling, fast-paced drama, War of Hearts completely captured my attention and kept hold of it until the very last page! Paranormal romance never gets old, but sometimes the stories start sounding repetitive. I like when a book comes along in the genre that is completely different, and that's what this book is. There's mystery, adventure, twists and turns in the plot, and unique characters who make their importance known in the story. Each character is important, each scene a clue, and each kiss a step closer to a happily ever after. Thea Quinn has been on the run for six years, hiding in various countries where she can work without detection and keep under the radar of a powerful man who would destroy her if he could. She always knows when someone is getting too close, and when she feels it once again in Poland, she comes face-to-face with a man she may not be able to escape - Conall MacLennan. It's not his usual style to kidnap a woman he doesn't know and deliver her to a man who may not have good intentions. But he's told Thea's blood will save his sister from a disease that will eventually kills her, so he's willing to sacrifice his morals for the sake of his family. As he gets to know Thea, however, he realizes that he wasn't given the whole truth about her past, and instead of taking her captive, he may need to save her instead. I loved the dynamic between Thea and Conall - they both were very strong characters that played off each other well throughout the book. Headstrong and clever, they constantly surprised each other, and although things started out tempestuous at first, their relationship involved into something quite beautiful. Thea had a hard time trusting anyone, especially given her upbringing and the things she had witnessed since being held captive. Hunted for her blood, she hasn't truly felt safe for a long time, and Conall is able to give her some peace. The only issue I had with Conall was that he was, in a way, engaged from the start of the book, and so there was definitely a sense of betrayal that he waited so long to tell Thea. They still had a very strong relationship, and I enjoyed seeing them grow, but I felt that conflict was a bit unnecessary. Conall didn't do a fantastic job of redeeming himself either, and I could understand how Thea felt after having been unable to trust others for years. I'm eager to see where this series takes us next. This is the first book I have read by this author, and I was blown away by her character building. Brava, S. Young! **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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