Book Review: Snowfall on Cedar Trail by Annie Rains

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Once again, Annie Rains has created a romance that makes me want to drive away from my busy suburban neighborhood and straight to the small town of Sweetwater Springs! The romance in this book was years in the making, with unrequited love and second chance romance bundled together. There was also a case of anxiety in a child, which I thought was a really interesting and unique element to the story. The heroine's son has selective mutism, and I enjoyed educating myself about that disorder through reading this book. It was clear that the author had done extensive research on the subject, and she was careful in how she portrayed it in one so young. Halona Locklear is all about her business and her son, which means zero time for romance. Especially for the handsome Chief of Police, Alex Baker. But fate forces them together when Alex is assigned to Halona's son, Theo, as a mentor. Alex never wanted to be a mentor, too focused on solving his father's cold case murder and keeping the town in line. His image needs it, however, as his overzealous policing has caused people to think him unfeeling and cold. At first, Alex is apprehensive, thinking he doesn't have the time nor the patience for this. But as he and Theo form a bond, he and Halona form a bond of their very own. With attraction heating up and danger just around the corner as Alex grows closer to solving his father's murder case, things are about to get crazy in Sweetwater Springs. Halona and Alex were an interesting couple - at first, I didn't really see them together. Their attraction, while genuine, felt a bit juvenile to me, and I couldn't help reminding myself that this is an adult romance, not a YA. As the story progressed, the romance improved, and I saw the bond they both had with each other and Theo. I loved Halona's son! He was obviously a sweet boy who was having a hard time dealing with his past, and it was admirable how Halona was so patient with him. Halona was stressed a lot, and no wonder for being a single mother! You could feel her emotions through the pages. The story of her ex-husband and his illness was fascinating to me, and it was yet another unique element that Annie Rains brought to the book. Halona was such a strong woman, raising her son and dealing with her business all on her own. Alex was the same in his strength, and they both needed someone else to lean on. They became that for each other. Every book in this series has been a joy to read! I am excited to see what comes next to the small town of Sweetwater Springs. **I received a free book from the publisher and this is my honest review.**

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