Book Review: Power of Eternity by Carly Spade

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I always love a good celtic romance, and this one was one of the more exciting reads of the genre I have read this year! It not only incorporated druids, but you also have ancient gods and leprechauns, mythological creatures and power beyond your imagination. It makes me want to go to Ireland, because I am certain to feel the magic in the air upon my arrival. Carly Spade has brought mythology and fantastical romance to life in this first book in a duology, and I eagerly await the second book.

Erimon was cursed long ago with a gift - the power to save another person's life but with the cost of giving up a random power in return. Believing himself to be invincible and utterly uncaring of anyone beyond himself, he never truly thought it would be a concern at all. Until he met her. Abby Weber is on vacation with her best friend - three weeks in Ireland soaking in the history, culture, and magic of the land. However, things start off rocky when her friend picks up a hunky Irishman who could very well be a serial killer, books them a stay in a room that barely fits them both, and then there's the annoying hot guy who just won't stop staring at her. What was meant to be a relaxing vacation soon descends into chaos...and that annoying hottie might be the one person who can save her from impending doom. Figures.

I loved Abby and Erimon! Abby was the perfect match for him, because not only did she push back on his neverending arrogance but also partnered with him as an equal when fighting bad guys. I really appreciated the strong woman element while keeping the traditional male hero in the story. Erimon saved the day but not all by himself, and I loved that. Every character was absolutely fascinating, even the God of Death who kept trying to kill Abby. There were so many unique, captivating characters that I wanted the book to never end! It was one of those stories that keeps you up at night daydreaming, because you don't want to close your eyes and have nightmares about bad dates you had before. You want an Erimon and you want one now.

I absolutely cannot wait until the second book! You can bet I will be making sure my copy arrives as soon as it's published, because I won't be able to wait to read it. I'll need it right away, so I can delve back into the magical world of Ireland and druids.

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