Book Review: Diamond in the Rough by Jen Turano

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Full of fun, quirky characters, Diamond in the Rough is an enjoyable read for anyone who enjoys a lot of humor in their romances! And I do, especially when I use my books as an escape from reality. My habit is to highlight (on my tablet) all of the passages I like, usually involving humor or witty remarks. This book has so many highlights, folks. It wasn't just the main characters that brought a fun, lively energy to the story - it was all the main characters as well. Every character in this book lent a bit of themselves to the story to make it a unique read that is unpredictable and fun. Raised on a horse farm in rural Pennsylvania, Miss Poppy Garrison is the proverbial fish out of water in high society of New York City. With one catastrophe after another occurring whenever she is near, everyone is both horrified and intrigued by her original nature. When she is saved by Mr Reginald Blackburn, the traveling companion of a lord from England, they both are wrangled into an arrangement by Poppy's grandmother - Reginald will teach Poppy the social graces necessary for her to make a good match, and he will pocket a monetary sum for his efforts. While Reginald is at first daunted by the task, he soon finds himself thinking of Poppy every day and defending her to those who would disparage her. Her lack of refinement might be a spectacle to the New York Four Hundred, but to Reginald, it's a breath of fresh air. With Poppy in his life, nothing would ever be boring again...and the idea is quite appealing. Poppy and Reginald were an interesting match. I didn't really see the chemistry initially, and their relationship was rather slow to build up. However, once they began spending more time together, and Murray joined in along Beatrix, the pair grew closer and closer. Poppy was definitely a singular woman, very unlike anyone else she met, and she was quite strong in the face of much criticism. She approached challenges with a sense of confidence and good humor, and it was no wonder she attracted many who would otherwise be overlooked by the creme of the crop. Reginald was very soft spoken, you could tell that he was going to be the quieter one in the relationship, and that suited them just fine. Poppy never stopped talking, and I think it really enchanted Reginald. As always, Jen has written a book full of laughs and history. This is not a book to be missed! **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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