Book Review: Cowboy Bold by Carolyn Brown

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A little over a year after this book was published, I am getting around to reading it, and gosh I feel stupid for waiting this long! I love cowboy romances, mostly because they so often have heroes that I really, really, really want to exist in real life. They make me want to go find a ranch and fling myself at the nearest cowboy with kind eyes and muscles to drool over. Carolyn Brown does a fantastic job of this with Cowboy Bold, a book that not only has a fabulous, strong heroine but also a hunky hero with a wonderful heart and generous spirit. What else can a girl ask for?

Cade Maguire runs a camp for underprivileged kids every summer at his ranch, and this year he is in need of a new counselor to help. Although she appears a city girl on paper, Retta Palmer has country girl blood, with the ability to work on John Deere tractors and understand the nuances of ranch living. It doesn't take long for Cade to become smitten, but Retta is only here for the summer and then she returns to a new job in the city. Having been jilted two years ago the day he was supposed to get married, Cade isn't about to walk into another relationship that is doomed to end badly. But they can't fight their attraction for long, and soon they're wondering what they're going to do when the summer ends and they have to make a difficult decision about their futures.

Cade...*sigh*...I don't blame Retta for falling so easily for Cade, because I wouldn't stand a chance. There was really nothing I could find fault in Cade, other than his resistance to believing his relationship could go anywhere with Retta. He had been hurt before, so it was completely understandable, but I still felt bad that his past put such a roadblock up for them. Retta was so patient and kind, not just with Cade but also with the children. They were both such generous people, and I was so inspired reading about their experiences and their drive to make a difference in the kids' lives. It was such second nature to them, and it was easy to see that they would make wonderful parents. I was literally picturing their future children within a chapter or two of seeing them both together. And this is coming from someone who has no children, doesn't really want them anytime soon, and has no desire, ever, to babysit. Yet here I am, planning out these perfect strangers' future child-full lives. Yup.

I am definitely diving into Book 2 as soon as I can! So excited I found this series after a few books have already been written. It's the best feeling when you're an avid reader who frequently reads faster than authors can write.

**I received a free copy from the publisher and this is my honest review.**