Book Review: What A Scot Wants by Amalie Howard and Angie Morgan

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What a comedy this book was! Amalie Howard and Angie Morgan created a romance that was one big game. It ought to have been called How to Lose a Betrothed in Ten Days, because that was basically the goal of both the hero and heroine. It was so much fun watching it escalate as each became more and more desperate to be rid of the other. Definitely a book to read if you need a laugh! Ronan Maclaren, Duke of Dunrannoch and Maclaren Laird, has no intention to getting married against his will. But when he finds out his hand has been promised to another, and if he refuses it means the loss of the clan's distillery, he is enraged. The only way to make things right without becoming shackled in a loveless marriage is to make the lady refuse to marry him, and so the games begin. Lady Imogen Kinley has been badly hurt by a man in her past, and she's not about to allow another into her heart. She has found her purpose in running a women's shelter, and she is content there - until she realizes that the dowry she depends on to keep it going is forfeit unless she consents to marry a man she has never met. Unless he refuses to marry her...and she is an expert at making men run far away. Ronan and Imogen were quite the pair - neither wanted to marry, but they were surprised to find that they didn't mind each other as much as they expected to. Sure, in the beginning they found each other repulsive, because that was the whole point of their scheme. However, they couldn't keep up the ruse for long, and as more of their true personalities shone through, they didn't find the idea of marriage quite so distressing. I will say I was quite disappointed in Ronan, because his actions were less than gentlemanly for quite too long. Knowing Imogen's true character, you would think he would have had more compassion for her situation. I would have hoped they could have come to a compromise without hurting each other, but they both were insistent for quite some time that they did not want to marry, even when they knew they were exactly what each other would want in a match. It was entertaining, of course, but I would have enjoyed it even more had it not dragged on so long. I appreciated how it came to a close though, and I loved how they showed how they cared for each other in the end. As it's the third in a series, I definitely have some reading to do! Can't wait to see how the previous two books went, given the success of this one. **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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