Book Review: Death of Darkness by Dianne Duvall

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Finally the day has arrived - the beautiful, loyal, kind, generous, heroic Seth gets his lady love! I am beyond thrilled, folks. If you have been following this series as I have, and the companion Gifted Ones series, you will know what I mean when I say that this day has been awaited for a very long time. I always wanted the father figure of the Guardians to find romance himself, and with such an obviously kind heart, who more deserves a little bit of happiness than him? Dianne Duvall has basically created the perfect guy in the written form. Regular guys out there better be glad this is all fiction. Seriously, if there are any immortal guardians out there looking for some love, I am available. Stop laughing.

It has been thousands of years since Seth has had a rest. Leading the Immortal Guardians is a never-ending task, and eight hours of sleep is just not a possibility. When he takes a night off to take his adopted granddaughter to her favorite toy store, Little Bits, he finds himself in the presence of a woman who has the power to reshape his entire world. Leah thinks Seth is way too young for him. She's in her 40s, he's obviously 30 or younger. There's no way anything between them would happen, because she is not a cougar. But there's just something about Seth, and each time they see each other, their attraction deepens. They agree to just be friends though, and it works - up until Leah is attacked, and Seth needs to keep her close for her own safety. She's about to learn what Seth really is, and her world will never be the same again.

At first I was a little concerned about the age difference. I thought it might be made out to be this big deal, and we would be hearing about it throughout the whole story. And it IS mentioned a couple of times. But Leah and Seth were so obviously perfect for each other that it was really not a problem at the end of the day. Leah looked and acted like a younger woman, Seth was thousands of years older than her in reality, so what did age really matter? Both had loved and lost before, and that connected them on a very deep level. They healed each other, and it was a beautiful thing to read. Seth was always this god-like figure in the previous books, that it took his own to uncover the insecurities he felt and his need to feel love again with a woman. The things they both went through in past relationships left scars, both literal and figurative, and that meant they could heal together. Nothing brings a couple closer together, in my mind.

Once again, Dianne has written a book that is romantic and timeless! I love when I sit a book down and immediately want to throw myself into the dating scene again. Just in the hopes of finding my own Seth. That's the sign of a good romance author, folks, and the best part is she isn't even done yet! There is more to come with this series. I'm still waiting for David's love story. Ahem.

**I received a free copy from the author and this is my honest review.**

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