Book Review: Dark Alpha's Redemption by Donna Grant

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There are so many books in this world that Donna Grant has built, and I keep expecting to get tired of the characters and the storyline. But she keeps pulling me back in! I loved the two sides to this world that we get to see, particularly getting more insight into the Dark Fae and what makes them dark, what it's like for children who are born into that world but might not fit into it, and how Dark and Light Fae are created. It's fascinating information and just adds even more color to an already brilliant world! Bradach is on a mission to rescue a royal Light Fae named Xaneth, who was abducted by the Queen of the Light Fae during the battle with Bran, a now-vanquished enemy. To find him, Bradach must enter into the world of the Dark Fae and gain the help of the one of the most feared Dark Fae of all - Maeve the Merciless. Known to be utterly ruthless to her enemies, Maeve isn't likely to help them without cause, but there's something about Bradach that speaks to her. And with the backing of the Dark Fae King, Balladyn, Maeve agrees to help them with their quest to save Xaneth. She knows Bradach is hiding a secret from her, but she has her own secrets and is desperate to keep anyone from finding out. She has spent years building her reputation, running her father's business, and staying away from temptation. But Bradach may be a temptation that proves impossible to resist. Bradach and Maeve were an interesting couple. They meshed well, and it always helps in a romance when both parties are equally at fault for hiding something. It makes the grand reveal all the more interesting. Because how can one be angry at the other for hiding something when they, too, are doing the same thing? Of course, they definitely manage it, but I thought it was funny while they danced around the subject and tried to have a romance anyway. Bradach was so charming, and he absolutely could not help but try to charm Maeve. Even knowing that as a full fae, she could never know that he was a Reaper - the rules were clear. Their loves was doomed from the start, but neither could resist the pull of the other. Ah, forbidden love... As always, I anxiously await the next entry in the series! Never fails to disappoint. **I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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