Book Review: Justified by Jay Crownover

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If you believe in love and second chances, you'll want to pick up this book right now! It's full of tortured pasts, lies and misunderstandings, and unrequited love. I find it funny that the book takes place in Loveless, Texas, given that there is a whole lot of love to go around in the story. The people in this town are so complex, and I enjoyed reading about the different relationships. It wasn't just about the two main characters, it was also about their family and friends. No one is exactly who they seem, and sometimes it takes a bit of digging to break through the wall around a person's heart.

Case Lawton's father was a lawless sheriff who treated his family badly and allowed others to get away with horrible crimes. So naturally he is determined to do the exact opposite, and that starts with keeping Loveless and its people safe. His history with Aspen Barlow is tainted with bitterness, but when her office is vandalized and it appears someone is out to kill her, his chivalrous side takes hold. Aspen knows that she did wrong to Case years ago, when she represented his ex-wife in a custody battle over their son. But only she knows the consequences if she hadn't done so, and now that they're in close quarters, the secret may not stay secret for long. Friends in high school torn apart by mistrust...will they get a second chance at a love worth fighting for?

Case and Aspen were meant to be together - it was clear as day to me! But to them? Old hurts kept them apart, and it was frustrating while I waited for the truth to come out. Aspen was such a good person, always wanting to do what was right, even if that meant making hard decisions along the way. She genuinely cared about other people, but she knew that Case would never forgive her. So many years had passed, I was surprised at how quickly their relationship picked up. It was almost too quick, and I would have preferred to see more buildup once the secret was revealed. Instead it was resolved within a couple pages and then off we were to the next conflict. Case was a strong hero, and I liked how both he and Aspen were older than your typical couple. Case's son was 18 by the time "present day" occurred in the story, and they both had a history of broken relationships. It made their love that much sweeter once it bloomed!

I look forward to reading more in this series! Jay Crownover has a talent for pulling the reader in from the start and not letting go until the last word is read.

**I received a free copy from the publisher and this is my honest review.**

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