Book Review: Sing Me to Sleep by Anna Argent

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As always, I am captivated by the Lost Shards series and the world Anna Argent has created in her stories! Each book is unique from the other while continuing a story line that promises excitement at every turn. I feel like this world, where each person inherits shards from their family members when they die, gives the idea of "soulmate" a whole new meaning. These shards are the essence, or soul, of people who have died, and some are good while others are pure evil. How many good and evil shards you inherit determine if you are a good guy (Riven) or bad guy (Vires). The problem is that if you kill someone, you inherit their shards if they have no next of kin, so the good guys have to avoid killing the bad guys, for fear that they themselves will turn evil. As you can see, the world is a bit complicated, so I would recommend starting with the first book in the series if you haven't read it yet. Reading them in order is best.

Eight years ago, Stygian Attis killed a woman because she asked him to. Fearing that her daughters would be left without protection, she chose to die so they could inherit her shards and live. Now life has come full circle, and Stygian must protect a mysterious young woman who is being hunted by a Vires who desperately wants the shards she inherited from her mother. Echo knows it's safer to keep moving, but the place Stygian takes her to seems to be full of people who might know more about herself than even she does. She thinks she's going crazy, but in fact, she might be part of the key to helping them save a Riven who has turned evil. She hears things sing to her, pointing the way to something important, and there's a prophecy, one that could mean big changes for everyone very, very soon.

Of the three books in this series, I will say this one might have been the hardest to follow. It was a bit more complex than I am used to, and honestly, it's partially my fault for starting this book when I had a lot on my mind. Concentrating was not my forte. Nevertheless, I persevered and found this story to be really unique and fun to read. I loved the chemistry between Stygian and Echo - he had this innate need to protect her, which he initially chalked up to his shards talking, but he quickly realized there was something about her that called to him personally. Echo was a tough woman, having gone through so much loss and violence, and it was amazing to see her maintain such strength and determination to continue in spite of her fear. They worked really well together in solving things, and while there were many obstacles in their path as a couple, they were both understanding of each other. It was a good relationship to witness.

I am eager to see where this series goes next! I definitely think it's going to continue to get more complex and interesting. Anna Argent's alter ego, Shannon K. Butcher, has a series that has continued for many years and gets better and better every time. I expect the same with this series.

**I received a free copy from the author and this is my honest review.**

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