Book Review: The Un-Queen by Fiona West

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You know those books and movies where the sequel is just...meh? Yeah, that's not what we have here. This second in a series is freaking fantastic! Phenomenal! Out of this world amazing! I can't say enough good things about this book. It has earned its place on my list of favorite books this year, hands down. Fiona West truly outdid herself with The Un-Queen, and I thought that would be tough after the first book, where I was captivated by the worldbuilding and colorful characters she created. So much personality packed into each person, and now that the main characters are getting deeper into their relationship, I loved seeing how their personalities grew and intertwined as a couple.

Parker and Abelia have come to a compromise, as the days leading up to their wedding are drawing the date ever near. Abelia will live independently, still working and meeting up with Parker whenever possible, and Parker will continue his kingly duties while trying to keep his lusty hands off her. It's difficult for them both as stress mounts, and sparks fly when their personalities inevitably clash. Abelia just wants to be independent and do her own thing, but that's hard to do when one is about to be married to a king. Parker wants her to be happy, but he's starting to realize that compromise, while standard relationship issue, is more difficult than he expected.

The interactions between Parker and Abbie made this book. I highlighted so many passages (in my Kindle, simmer down) that I loved, and it really shed light on how much their relationship grew throughout the story. I felt how genuine it was, how relationships are exactly like this - difficult, lots of compromising, apologies, dealing with the in-laws - it was all so real! And yet, Fiona West did such a great job of emphasizing how young Abbie and Parker are, and how their youth changes things. They are still learning about themselves, still maturing and learning how to be adults, and they have to add marriage and running a kingdom on top of it all. They also had such different cultures, and they had to try to merge the two to create a wedding that worked for both of them. So many arguments over many things in this book, but what was so impressive was how realistic their resolutions were. Some of them were quick apologies, some were grudging, and others took a long time to get over. My heart broke for them so many times, which made me so proud when they were able to find their happiness together!

I can't tell you how thrilled I am that there is going to be a third book! I feel like I'm flying on a cloud right now, and I need to hop on the next soon as Fiona writes it.

**I received a free copy from the author and this is my honest review.**

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