Book Review: Under Fyre by Cara Bristol

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Alien dragons - now there is a fun, new concept! I have loved Cara Bristol's alien books ever since her first one, Alien Mate, and now that she has combined aliens with one of my favorite paranormal creatures, dragons, I am ecstatic. As always, she did a fantastic job worldbuilding and creating characters who are multidimensional and relatable. She also set up the reader for the next book nicely, showing the viewpoint of our next heroine and building up anticipation for her love story.

Rhianna Montclair met her first dragon when she was just a little girl, and while she was initially fascinated, she soon learned that they were the enemy - dangerous, destructive, and not to be trusted. Now that she is an adult, she is worried to hear that her best friend, the president's daughter, is to be a consort to one of the dragon princes. She agrees to accompany her friend to meet with the dragons, and that's when she learns she has been set up. It's not her friend who will be the consort - it's Rhianna, and the princes is the dragon she met all those years ago.

Prince K'ev and Rhianna were a couple that sent sparks flying from the very beginning. It was funny listening to the conversations K'ev would have with his dragon - his dragon was fully onboard with Rhianna being their mate, but K'ev was convinced his dragon was wrong. Humans can't mate with dragons, after all. Rhianna was a naturally honest person, so it was no surprise that K'ev wanted to trust her. Dragons can smell emotions - fear, anxiety, happiness - so when someone lies, dragons know it. And humans lie a lot. But even in spite of this ability, Rhianna and K'ev go through a lot of struggles throughout the book. K'ev didn't trust his senses, and Rhianna wanted to believe the best in everyone. It hurt her when K'ev didn't trust her. Ultimately, though, they got through it all with love and determination.

I can't wait to read the next book in the series! I anticipate a very romantic story to come.

**I received a free copy from the author and this is my honest review.**

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