Book Review: The Farmer's Bride by Kathleen Fuller

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I really enjoyed reading this unique Amish romance! Most of the time, when I read Amish romance, there isn't a whole lot of movement in the community. The characters who fall in love have known each since children, and the whole town schemes to get them together. And in all of them, there are no English people as love interests (a secondary love story in this book). Now, maybe I just haven't expanded my Amish reading enough to read those romances. But regardless, The Farmer's Bride was a new and exciting thing for me. Loved it!

Martha Detweiler has a problem - the boys won't leave her alone! Being the only single young woman in a community full of young men has become a burden she can't handle anymore. Desperate for some relief, she goes to her friend, Cevilla Schlabach, for some time away from it all. And when she tells Cevilla of her problems, the resident matchmaker has a great idea. Seth Yoder is quiet and just wants to be left alone, but he is constantly pulled to social functions. What better way to fend off the invitations than be otherwise occupied, pretending to be courting Martha? At first Seth is against the idea, but as he gets to know Martha, he realizes that maybe this idea has its advantages. Soon they begin spending a lot of time together, and before they know it, their fake courtship has turned into something more.

The dynamic between Martha and Seth was so interesting! They really didn't understand each other and had so much to learn. Martha was so bubbly, almost too much so for Seth. It's basically pairing an extrovert with an introvert against their will - they are forced together and must try to communicate, despite their differing methods of doing so. Seth was so used to being alone and doing his own thing, so when Martha barged into his workshop and was always so positive, Seth had no clue how to handle that. When they began to get closer, it was lovely seeing them each mold to each other's personalities. Seth became a little more open and Martha became a little more at peace. Seth did frustrate me at times, because he could definitely be mean in his inability to handle conflict, but I still really liked how things came together in the end.

Amish romance on a new level with so many unique personalities. Multiple viewpoints told very well. This is a new author for me, and I am excited to read future books by her!

**I received this book via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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