Blog Crasher: The Good Girl's Guide to Being a D*ck by Alexandra Reinwarth

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The timing for receiving this book was absolutely perfect! I recently had an epiphany come about the hard way regarding stress, making others happy over myself, and thinking about how to rewire my brain so that I think in a healthier way about relationships (family, friends, love, etc.). So when this book arrived in the mail, I was ecstatic. Exactly what I needed and I intend on recommending it to all of my friends who need to realize the important messages in this book.

First published in Germany several years ago, this fabulous self-help guide is finally making its way to the States! Sometimes realizing who is important in your life is hard when you have so many people draining you and taking your focus away from what you truly want, need, and deserve. We worry too much about what other people think, and in the process, we leave ourselves in the dust in our hurry to please everyone. This book guides women around the world on how to fill their lives with what's important to them and remove that which brings no added value. You don't have to be a d*ck to get what you want...but sometimes you need to embrace your inner d*ick to get what you want.

This book had me laughing from page one! The humorous anecdotes about the author's personal encounters were exactly what the doctor ordered. It made me feel like she really understood what I go through, the people I have to deal with on a regular basis, and she gave practical advice on how to remove these negative influences from my life. Saying no more often, telling people off when you have put up with their crap for too long, and watching how others who have perfected the art still stay popular even though they regularly are selfish with their time. I grew up a strong, confident young woman who was honest with others, almost to a fault, but along the way, I realized that I eventually became a people pleaser. If people don't like me, I get very upset, and I do everything I can to fix that. But that inevitably leads to folks walking all over me...which is not good. Now I have some strong methods in my back pocket that I can whip out when needed.

I hope everyone gives this book a chance! Be prepared to laugh a lot and expect to learn a lot about yourself in the process.

**I received a free copy from the publisher and this is my honest review.**

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