Book Review: Ignite by Donna Grant

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SO many questions answered in the 15TH book of the Dark Kings series! I loved this couple so much, and I was really happy when I saw that V was getting his own book. I have been looking forward to it, and the pairing of him with Claire was perfect. While the book also touched on other dramas happening in the Dark Kings and Reaper worlds, I was pleasantly surprised at how much focus remained on V and Claire. Normally I get about 75% on the main couple and 25% on other couples and key figures. This book definitely focused more on the main couple than previous books.

After finally getting his sword back after centuries without it, V is dismayed that he cannot actually use it. Concerned that he may be more of a threat than an asset to his fellow Kings, he plans to go to sleep again. In three weeks. But his plans are put to the test when he finally gets an opportunity to be with the woman who has haunted his thoughts ever since he met her - Sophie's friend, Claire. Claire's dating life has been basically nonexistent, a consistent string of poor choices in men and frustration that she will always be alone. She decides to throw caution to the wind and have a fling with the hot dragon king, even though she is hiding a secret. Several secrets, in fact. One being that she remembers that time that her and Sophie were taken by the Dark Fae. Every bit of it.

V, a.k.a. Vlad, was an awesome hero for this book! His struggle with his sword, his yearning for Claire, and his duty to his fellow dragons were constantly battling in his head. He had so many stressors that I was worried for him for a long time. Claire was the perfect mate for him, not only because she already knew about his dragon side, but also because she accepted him with his flaws and all. She helped him heal, and he helped her realize her inner strength and power. As individuals, they were inspiring and kind. As a couple, they were that and so much more. I almost wished the book was longer, just so I could see more of them. But I know that with Donna Grant's books, no couple ever goes away forever. I am sure we will see more of V and Claire again!

The saga continues in the Dark Kings series, and I am excited for Con and Rhi to get their book. Hopefully next? Pretty please?

**I received a free copy via NetGalley and this is my honest review.**

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